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Why Aren't You Saving Money Like This? Five Ways to Save

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If you have access to the internet at home or through your smart phone, you could be enjoying a completely new type of savings. Online memberships and coupon aggregate sites are popping up all over the internet. These sites make it easy to find the coupons or discounts that you will really use. Some of them will send the savings information directly to your social networking account. Others allow you to cash in on savings because you have agreed to join their site as a member. The nice thing about finding high tech deals is that the coupons and discounts can be personalized so you only receive information about products that actually interest you. You use the discounts more often because they apply to your life.

Cinema Club Memberships

Movie theater prices have doubled in the last few years. You can pay as much as $13 for a single ticket to an evening show at a first-run theater. If you enjoy going out to watch movies regularly, you could save money by joining The Weekly Cinema Club. For just $19.99 a month, which is less than two regular movie tickets, you will receive four tickets each month. The tickets are redeemable at most national movie chains. The Weekly Cinema Club is affiliated with and, which gives it a broader connection to several of the top theater chains in the country.

Get Paid to Recycle Old Electronics

One of the problems with the way technology keeps advancing is that almost everyone has a drawer filled with old cell phones or old digital cameras that are obsolete. These outdated electronic devices are bad for the environment, so it is irresponsible to throw them away. Websites like will pay you for those old electronics and recycle them for you. All you have to do is visit the site and sign up, then send your electronics through the mail. They accept all sorts of electronics, ranging from laptops to cell phones and more.

Save Through Amazon Mom

Parents of small children are always looking for new ways to save money. Amazon Mom is a great resource for anyone who needs to buy the things that keep children healthy and happy. Signing up for this discount service is free, and it entitles you to exclusive savings like free 2-day shipping. You will begin to receive e-mails that offer products at prices lower than you will find in retail stores. Special discounts are also available on items that babies and toddler need regularly, like wipes and diapers. It is easy to unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive the e-mails.

Centralized Grocery Savings Site

My Grocery Deals is a website that offers all of the benefits of clipping coupons without the time and effort. This site collects information from stores in your neighborhood and puts it all together for you to browse online. You can search for deals by store, or search for deals on specific items. You'll receive special coupons through your e-mail. The site will also let you create a list of your favorite food items. When one of your favorites goes on sale, you'll receive a notification from My Grocery Deals about the sale price and where to shop for them.

Receive Deals through Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, you could save money simply by following CheapTweet. As a follower, you'll get links to all of the hottest coupons and deals that are circulating through the Twitterverse. Not all of the deals will be relevant to you, but the steady stream of offers and suggestions should hit on something that you could use at least once a day. All you have to do is watch your Twitter feed and take note of the deals that apply to your life. Many of the coupons link you directly to online stores where you can purchase the items right away

Heather Hollingsworth is a single mother raising three teenagers while she attends graduate school and feeds a budding freelance writing career. She's always looking for a new way to stretch a dollar as far as it can go!


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