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Top 10 most, and least expensive cars to insure for 2008

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Each year, releases it's list of the top ten most expensive, and the top ten least expensive cars to insure. Insurers use a variety of data to decide on rates for cars, including the overall value, attractiveness to thieves and vandals, popularity with fast drivers, and overall safety.

So, being on the list of most expensive cars to insure doesn't necessarily mean the car is unsafe, but it does mean it will cost you quite a bit.

It's certainly a chance to save a little money when you are picking a vehicle to purchase. You'll notice, for example, a difference of over $200 in insurance costs between two popular makes of full size pickup trucks.

Here's their list for 2008:

Top 10 most expensive cars to insure in 2008.
Model Average premium Sales ranking
Dodge Ram pickup $1,336 5
Chevy Silverado-C/K pickup $1,280 2
Toyota Prius $1,210 16
Honda Accord $1,203 6
Nissan Altima $1,198 9
Toyota Corolla $1,190 4
Ford Focus $1,185 15
Chevrolet Cobalt $1,179 14
Honda CR-V $1,178 11
Dodge Caravan $1,185 15
Top 10 least expensive cars to insure in 2008
Model Average premium Sales ranking
Chrysler Town & Country $940 19
Ford Escape $1,022 17
GMC Sierra pickup $1,026 12
Chevrolet Impala $1,091 7
Ford Econoline Club Wagon $1,119 13
Ford Fusion $1,133 20
Ford F-series pickup $1,156 1
Honda Civic $1,163 8
Toyota Camry $1,165 3
Toyota RAV-4 $1,165 18


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Japanese Improving

Well these are great statistics but pretty annoying one for chrysler dealers. Chrysler have really faced crisis in these days of recession but Japanese companies like Honda and Toyota are leading charts. Their insurance prices are high and American car manufacturing companies should come up with newer ideas to combat these tiring times.