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Sneaky ways to reduce your water bill

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Water, Water, everywhere... but not a drop to spare. Apart from the fact that water is one of the most precious and depleting resources, it can also be expensive. How do you save money on this bill?, It's not a luxury item, or even optional service like cable or internet. Sit with your family or whoever you share the water bill with and consider integrating some of these sneaky tips and tricks for reducing water use into your life and daily activity. If you live an apartment or townhouse community where you have a "combined" water bill (The total water bill is split between all tenants) consider talking to your neighbors about making an effort to lower the whole bill.

Nothing drastic here!

Around the house

  • Take shorter showers! Challenge your family to reduce their showering time. The traditional unrestricted, or high-flow shower heads use around 4 gallons per minute. If you reduce your shower by 5 minutes daily, that would be 20 gallons of water saved... for a family of four that really adds up.
  • In fact, consider installing a Low-Flow Shower Head. It is a great investment that will save you money on bills in the long run. For a $10-20 investment, you save $50-75 a year on water bills, and $20-$50 on heating bills.
  • Fill the bathtub up only halfway. This saves 10-15 gallons.
  • Don't let the water run while hand-washing dishes. Fill the sink basin up, then rinse all at once afterward.
  • Use your dishwasher and washing machine only when full.
  • Turn off the water when your brushing your teeth. I know, this is not the first time you've heard this, but you'd be surprised how many people still let the faucet flow.
  • Don't let the faucet run while washing produce. Rinse them in the sink, or a pan of water instead.
  • Avoid washing your car at home! Most people think this saves money, but it does not. It adds gallons onto your water bill, and doesn't get your car as clean. Professional car washes are usually good with recycling the water they use with filters. DIY car washes only cost a few dollars, and self-serve usually around $3-4.
  • Don't use the toilet as a trash can! Nevermind being bad for most sewer and septic systems, gum,cigarette butts, small amount of tissue paper and trash still use 5-7 gallons of water just to flush.
  • Keep a jug of cold water in the fridge. Allowing the water to run and cool down wastes.
  • Check for water leaks! A leaky toilet can waste 7,000 gallons a month. See our dripping water calculator to find out how much water a leaky faucet wastes as well.
  • Avoid heavy pruning. It makes plants require more water to survive.


  • Install a sprinkler system rain sensor. Everytime you avoid using the sprinkler when its raining, you save $10-60. It costs $25 for the actual unit, and $50-100 for installation, so the system pays for itself pretty quickly.
  • Practice weed control! Theses pests use up a lot of water to grow and steal nutrients from welcomed plants. Keep weeds at bay all season by weeding early in the year, and consistently throughout the season
  • Put a layer of mulch around plants, flowers, and trees. This slows the evaporation of the water and deters weeds from growing.
  • The sidewalk just simply isn't going to grow. Clean dirty sidewalks, driveways and pavements with a broom, not water.
  • Think before you put water down the drain! You could use it to water plants. Save rain water for watering plants.
  • Water your lawn and garden at night. This gives the water enough time to soak in, and won't evaporate due to heat as it would in the middle of the day.
  • Learn about the water needs of your plants. Grow the plants with similar water needs together.



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Re: Sneaky ways to reduce your water bill

Did not notice "shower with a friend" on the list, but it should be included IMHO.

Re: Sneaky ways to reduce your water bill

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Good observation BeWaterWiseRep.

Your own website, though, seems to understand that saving money on water bills drives conservation. You have a whole section devoted to rebates, for example.

So, yes, we're fans of conversation, but we're first and foremost a money-saving website :)

Re: Sneaky ways to reduce your water bill

Here are some tips to conserve water in and around the house:
These will not only help you reduce your water bill, but also help conserve the one of the most precious resources on Earth. We all know how important water is for all living beings. Sadly, many places are already facing fresh water shortages. Water levels across various regions have dipped significantly over the past few years. Hence while it is important to save money on our water bills, it is far more important to save the planet by conserving water. Please spread the awareness among your family, friends and neighbors!