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Seven Apps to Make Money Using Your Smart Phone

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You can put your iPhone or Android phone to work for you with the easy-to-use apps that pay you money when you perform simple tasks. This new form of advertising offers amounts that range from pennies-per-action to dollar amounts for people who are willing to download apps or take photos of certain objects and upload them to a remote server. The advertiser hopes that you will take the photo of the product and then drop the product in your shopping cart. Some of the apps involve more work, but they all offer real cash rewards.

1. Gigwalk

Available for the iPhone, Gigwalk lets you do the legwork for their clients. You may take a picture of a certain location, or make video of a certain event. Companies like TomTom use Gigwalk to help them increase their coverage for their GPS devices. The app is only available in six of the largest cities in the United States so far, but if it is successful, it might spread to more cities eventually. Gigs begin at $3 and can range up to $30 per task.

2. Apperang

This app pays you to download other apps to your iPhone. Once you sign up, Apperang will give you a list of apps that qualify for payment. You have to download the requested app and open it at least once in order to receive payment. Free apps generally pay $0.25, while paid apps pay the price of the app plus a little extra. Some coding is in the link to the app from the Apperang interface so that the developers will know that you really downloaded the correct app and can pay you for your download. You can transfer your payments into your personal bank account as soon as you reach $1 in your Apperang account.

3. CheckPoints

This app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices. When you open the app, you receive a list of products to scan from local businesses. Every time you scan a requested barcode, you earn points toward cash rewards or gift certificates. Most products are worth 10 to 15 points each, but some can earn as many as 50 points. If your device cannot scan things, you can earn points by downloading advertisements instead.

4. Shopkick

This app is available for iPhone and Android devices. It pays you in points when you visit one of the stores affiliated with the app. Some of the stores offer additional points when you scan the barcodes of certain products while you are inside the store. You can also earn points by scanning advertisements away from the stores or visiting the stores on Facebook. The points eventually add up to discounts on purchases or gift cards to the sponsored stores. The only catch is the absence of GPS technology. A sensor in the store's ceiling is supposed to recognize your device, when you open the app, which doesn’t always work smoothly.

5. WeReward

This app is available for iPhone, Android devices, and Blackberry. WeReward will put money into your PayPal account if you submit photos of yourself with specific products that you have purchased. The difference with this app is that you have to have purchased the items in order to qualify for the money. You can earn a penny per point, which adds up pretty quickly if you happen to use many of the items that are on the list. You can take pictures of yourself using the product anywhere, even at home, and earn points.

6. AppRewards

This app is available for iPhone. It offers cash rewards through PayPal when you rack up enough points. You earn points by reviewing other iPhone apps or downloading specific apps from a list. At the moment, AppRewards does not have enough requested app reviews in their list to get you to the required 1,750 points that you would need to earn a $5 PayPal deposit, but you can sign up for e-mail alerts so that you can learn when they have added new review items to the list.

7. Field Agent

This app is available for iPhone. Field Agent pays better rates than most apps, ranging from $3 to $10 per assignment. The catch is there are not many convenient assignments. You can make money for visiting specific retail locations and taking pictures or answering questions like a secret shopper. Once you accept an assignment, you must complete it within a couple of hours. If you submit a poor report, your agent rating will go down. Those with the highest ratings have first access to assignments that become available. Once you earn money from an assignment, you will receive payments into a PayPal account.

Heather Hollingsworth is a single mother raising three teenagers while she attends graduate school and feeds a budding freelance writing career. She's always looking for a new way to stretch a dollar as far as it can go!


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