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Save More Money with Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is a hot trend in today's business world. The idea has been around for years, and a growing number of businesses are starting to take advantage of the added security and money saving features of cloud computing. Storing data on a cloud network means that you can access your business from any location that has an online connection. Smart business owners today are looking towards cloud computing to save money and improve business. Even the Department of Defense is looking at cloud computing as the technology becomes more secure and reliable.

Reduce Equipment Costs

Transferring data storage to a cloud network immediately saves a business hundreds of dollars in equipment purchases. There is no longer any need to buy local hard drives or additional network servers to handle all of your business networking needs. Cloud servers allow you to store and retrieve important data without using any additional hardware. A laptop and Wi-Fi connection can replace a room full of sensitive computer equipment without any sacrifice in production or convenience. The equipment savings of switching to the cloud can be exponential once you factor in the equipment upgrades your company will no longer have to deal with every few years to keep up with changes in technology.

Save Space

Getting rid of the local hard drives means a company can downsize its office space. A company that doesn't have to store all of its own data on-site doesn't need extra server rooms or large spaces set aside for hard drive networks. Cloud computing allows an office to use space more efficiently, which translates to saving money on a brick-and-mortar presence. If a company transferred all of its paper files into digital files and stored all of those files on the cloud, that company could conceivably eliminate as much as half of the square footage needed to operate comfortably. Reducing the space your company uses will also reduce the amount you spend on utilities and other services.

Switch Services More Easily

When your company keeps all it's network and data storage on-site, you have to make any upgrades or software changes on your own. If you choose a system that doesn't work the way you expected, you have to write off the purchase and pay for something new. Most cloud services offer month-to-month contracts that are not binding for long periods of time. If the service is not what you need, you can simply switch to a new service at the end of the month without losing more than a month's worth of payments to the initial service. Cloud computing offers more flexibility in a less expensive manner.

Increased Security with Off-Site Data Storage

Storing all of your company's files on a cloud server eliminates security risks for your data. If your company's offices should experience a disaster, your files will remain intact on the cloud server. Theft, fire, flood or other damage will have no impact on your company's computer network because the cloud servers are stored remotely. You can simply access the network from any internet connection and continue business as usual during the repair of your offices.

Government Migration to the Cloud

If your company is concerned with the internal security of storing data on the cloud, you might feel better knowing that the Department of Defense is working toward migrating much of their data to cloud servers. The Department of Defense has put cloud migration on the fast track since a security breach at one of their local offices resulted in the theft of backup tapes that contained the personal information of millions of medical patients. Storing those sensitive records on a cloud network rather than in a federal office would help the Department avoid future security breaches and improve their privacy protection.

Infinite Growth Potential

With local hard drive storage and computer networks, your company can reach a point where you simply run out of space for any additional data. At that point, you either need to buy more equipment to add to your storage capacity or start removing data so that you can enter new information. The cloud eliminates the need to worry about the amount of data you need to store because the storage space is only limited by the type of contract you purchase. Some cloud servers allow you to upload an unlimited amount of data for a flat monthly fee. Storing that extra data will not have any impact on your local offices or require any additional equipment purchases. Which means your company, can continue to expand without experiencing the pain of outgrowing your current network configuration. Cloud computing also gives your company the freedom to enjoy the power of updated computer technology without having to hire IT specialists for problems or upgrades.

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