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11 ways to save money on your winter wardrobe

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Winter, being the extreme season, means that it requires a different wardrobe...full of warmer clothes to keep up with the weather. Even in the warm south, they have their sub-freezing days. Logic says that warmer clothes use more material of a thicker, more durable (and pricier) fabric.  And, if you have kids, last year's winter clothes won't fit, unless you have a good "hand me down" matchup.  Keep cozy while keeping your wallet fuller by shopping smart for winter clothing. Heres a few ideas: 

  1. Buy winter clothes before winter- Score some great deals by shopping for warm clothes before the winter months hit. Better yet, shop for the year ahead right after winter is over to get clothes for up to 80% off! If they are for children, try to anticipate how much they will grow by the time they need them.
  2. Trade it in- If you can, find a consignment store in your area that will buy from customers, or let them trade in unwanted articles for store credit (you tend to get a little more if you choose to get store credit). Teens, young adults, and anybody with a high sense of fashion should try  Plato's Closet.
  3. Take care of your stuff- ...and save money by having to replace it less. Don't leave your coat out in rain or extreme cold. Be sure to store your wintergear in a dry environment during the warmer months.
  4. Get crafty- Give an old sweater a new, updated look by adding some ribbons or buttons from the craft store. You can get a fresh, new look this way for much cheaper than plopping down the cash for a new article.
  5. Consider your climate- If you live in a warmer area, such as California or Texas you won't need a down parka and full face mask daily. Just stock up on a few warm sweaters and mid-quality winter coat.
  6. Go for quality- WIth adults, winter clothing can last a long time if you buy high quality items. For those items that will be staples of cold weather wear, like a good set of boots, or your "primary jacket", you could save money in the long run by plopping down a few extra dollars upfront for a more quality item. LLBean, Cabelas, and Land's End all have reputations for quality outerwear.
  7. Shop in your closet- ...and attic before heading out to the store to shop. You may have forgotten what exactly you do and don't have.
  8. Hit the thrift stores- A true quality winter coat will last for a while, and a gently used one should work fine. If you browse the racks well at your local Goodwill or Salvation army, your bound to find great gear at rock bottom prices.
  9. Buy to mix and match- Stock up on  basics like leggings and cotton long sleeves in solid, versatile colors to mix and match all winter long. Both Target and Wal-Mart carry these basics at reasonable prices.
  10. Get your clothes to multitask- Many warm weather clothes can be integrated into your winter wardrobe. For examples, tank tops from summer time can keep your warm by layering under a long sleeved top.
  11. Ask for hand-me-downs- Friends, family and relatives may have older cold weather gear they would be willing to part with. You can also check out Freecycle and the free section of Craigslist. Just be sure to pass on the favor and offer your used gear when your done with it.


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