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Save Money with Kids Clothes That Don't Wear Out...Ever!

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Wouldn't it be nice if you could be sure that the pair of sneakers you buy your eight year old would still be intact when it came time to buy a bigger size? Well, now you can, at least until your child nears pre-teen. Sears has a program that few know about, even though it has been around for a while. It's the KidVantage program. It's easy to enroll and can save you 15% on clothes and offers replacements if the clothes wear out before your child needs the next size.

KidVantage offers replacement items for kids clothing up to size 20, girls shoes up to kids size 4, and boys shoes up to size 6. As long as you have the receipt, grandma or a cousin could have bought the item. Sears will still replace it.



The program also offers 15% off for every $100 you spend, even when you buy clearing items. That's a nice feature considering most stores only offer rewards to the big spenders. If you are a clearance rack mama or papa, you could really save a lot of money on this program. And the best part of this's free!

You only have to give the clerk your name, phone and email address to enroll. You don't even have to mention the program to the clerk when you shop. Whenever you buy children's clothing covered by the program, the total is automatically added to yoru account. When you reach $100, a $15 coupon is added to the end of your receipt. Bring that with you the next time you shop and get an extra 15% off. The program isn't just for parents either. Although each account is kept separate, KidVantage can save grandparents and other relatives a bundle too.



The key to taking advantage of this program is to always save your receipts. You will need the receipt to get a replacement should the child's clothing wear out. Sears will replace the worn clothing item for item or with an item of equal value in the same size.  And if you are into brand names, this is a great way to get the clothes you love for less. Sears carries Levi's, OshKosh, US Polo Assn and Dollie & Me.matching girls and doll dresses.

See the details here: Sears Kidvantage Program Benefits


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