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Ten ways to save money on eyeglasses and contacts

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If you are a glasses or contact lenses wearer, chances are you have dropped $300-500 on routine care and/or a pair of glasses, only to find out later you could get a similar, if not exact package for much, much less. Be smart about your eyes, and save money on glasses, contacts and eyecare. Here's a few ways how...

  1. Take your Rx to go- If your regular eye doctor only offers pricey glasses and contacts, you don't have to buy them there. It's fine to ask to take your prescription home with you, rather that choose between the expensive pairs they have at the counter.
  2. Eight dollar glasses?- Zenni Optical has a huge selection of fashion and functional eye glasses that look similar to those sold at the mall. Best of all? They start out at $8.00 per pair! Note: You must have a prescription.
  3. Get insured- Check to see if your employer or personal insurance company offers "vision insurance". This covers Ophthalmologist visits, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. Premiums run as low as $8.00 per month. Be sure to do the math first...add up the monthly payments, and compare that to the savings they provide.
  4. Chain store check-up- Nationwide chainstores that have Eyecare centers and Ophthalmologists are known for great deals and care when it comes to your eyes and vision. Try Wal-Mart for a full package on quality eyewear and care for under $200.00. Target also has locations with eyecare centers. Varying locations across the U.S. offer free vision and eyesight check ups!
  5. Buy online- Consider popular online discount stores like 123 Contact Lenses and 1800Contacts for great bargains that are delivered to your door!  Eyeglasses can be a tremendous bargain online.  Check out this post on about "Adventures in $40 eyeglasses".
  6. Get a package deal- If you alternate between contacts and eyeglasses, clinics, Ophthalmologist offices and retailers will usually cut you a bargain if you purchase both in a single transaction. Just ask, because these deals may not be advertised.
  7. Dare to Compare- Before making a decision, compare prices. You can do this at for contact lenses.
  8. Read the reviews- It's not really a good deal if you purchase a faulty, defective or poor quality product. Make sure you are getting that great bargain from a reputable retailer. Check the Better Business Bureau first.
  9. Buy in bulk- Frequent or daily contact lenses wearers should consider buying a years worth of contacts at a time. It will cost you less in the long run.
  10. Take of them! - Keep 'em clean- Contact lenses will last their advertised lifetime only if you clean them according to the manufacturer's directions. With eyeglasses, cleaning them properly, and avoiding laying them face down will avoid scratches and an early replacement.  Also, take advantage of regular maintenance from the place you purchased them.  Most optical shops will do a cleaning and adjustment of eyeglasses for free, you just have to ask.

Do be sure not to skimp on visits to the eye doctor though!  Not a good place to cut back, as they take care of your total eye health, not just glasses and contacts. Optometrists are trained to not only find vision problems, but also symptoms that could be signs of  a serious disease--including tumors, deteached retina, glaucoma, and diabetes.


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