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Save Money on Dining Out – Look for 2 for $20 Dinner Specials

With the country suffering economically, Americans everywhere are tightening their belts and trying to save money whenever and wherever they can. While people are cutting back on their monthly budgets there are some activities socially that are just as important to people as saving money, and that is dinning out with friends and family. So, how does one save money on dinning out? Look for two for $20 dinner specials that’s how.

Dinner Coupons Abound – Look for 2 for $20 Dinner Specials

 Dinning out for two can easily cost $30 or more, not including a tip, but Chili’s new “feed 2 people for $20” special offer is a welcome invitation. I always liked Chili’s menu, and the food has always appealed to me. One of the best parts about this special is that you can avail of it by printing out the coupon offered online on their website or from one of the many value dinning websites. The great thing about Chili’s is that there seems to always be a restaurant nearby that you can take the coupon too. If you don’t have the coupon with you, then you can still flash the waiter the coupon from your smart phone via Chili’s website.

 One of the nice things about Chili’s “feed 2 people for $20” special is the way that they present their menu choices. With this special, you can select two full size entrees from a list of 10 entrees, and then share an appetizer. These types of specials really help you to save money on dinning out. Some of the entrees listed are or you can view Chili’s menu:

  • Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas
  • Cajun Chicken Pasta
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Half-Rack Baby Back Ribs
  • Quesadilla Explosion Salad
  • Classic Bacon Burger
  • Margarita Grilled Chicken

 I love fried shrimp as do most people, and I am just as found of their baby back ribs. Both entrees are a popular and delicious choice, and the appetizers aren’t that bad either. The appetizers consist of a choice of Chili’s basic tostada chips and salsa, onion rings, flavored French fries or fried cheese sticks. All of which hit the spot while you wait for your entrees to arrive.

The 2 for $20 Special Allows You to Enjoy the Meal

 Now what I like the most about this special is that it takes away my worry about the price of the meal, which allows me to focus on what I feel like eating. Somehow, this special makes the meal more enjoyable when you don’t have worry about the price. Often times the price of the meal will be a deciding factor in what people will actually chose to order at a restaurant, rather than what that really want to eat. Chili’s “feed 2 people for $20” special does just this, it lets people comfortably chose what they really would like to eat, because they already know how much the meal will cost. Although like most food coupons and meal deals, these do not include tax or tip.

TGI Fridays 2 for $20 Dinner Meal Deal

 TGI Fridays is also getting in on the two for $20 dinner deals, and you won’t be disappointed with their menu either. Although the two for $20 dinner coupon TGI Fridays offers is only good in the Western States. For the two for $20 dinner coupon, two people get an appetizer and an entrée each, and a shared dessert. TGI Fridays also has a $5.99 lunch coupon special, and both coupons can be printed off their website or from one of the many value dinning websites.

Sometimes $20 Gets You Far at Home as Well

 While dinning out is a nice way to get out of the house, it also provides you an opportunity to be able to treat yourself after a long day or work week. Off course, these types of specials really help you to save money on dinning out, but at times eating at home can be much more relaxing. Eating at home can also save you money and be more romantic than eating out. Although there are many great deals where two people can have a nice meal for $20 or less, sometimes $20 gets you far at home as well.

Jessica Bosari is a freelance writer and blogger for various publications and her own blog. You can read more of Jessica's work here. If you have any comments or questions about SavingTools or about saving money, leave your comments in the form below or email Thanks!


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