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Save money on books, magazines and reading material

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Who doesn't like to come home after a hard day at work and cuddle up in a lazy chair with your favorite book, this week's newspaper, or the latest edition of a favorite magazine? Why not save some more of your hard-earned cash when buying books, magazines and newspapers? Heres how... 


  1. Use your library- Yes, it seems obvious, but so many people do not utilize their local librarary. Beyond books, you can rent magazines and DVDs as well as use free high-speed internet.
  2. Start a club- Ask a few of your fellow bookworm friends to start a book club, where books are exchanged and discussed in periodic meetings. 
  3. Trade 'em in!- Visit a bookstore that buys and sells used books for deep discounts. You can also trade in books you already read for store credit. Try Half Price Books, or Ebay's affilate site A more "grass roots" site doing book trades is sure to check them out as well.
  4. Ask for them as gifts- Love reading? When it comes close to a holiday, birthday or anniversery and people are asking you just what you'd like, don't be shy. List a few books on your "wanted" list, a gift card for a book store or magazine subscription.
  5. Read it online- Many magazines have all, or at least portions of the most current issue avaliable on their website. It's free, eliminates clutter, and is eco smart. Win-Win situation.  If you read a lot of books, you might find that the newest e-book readers could save you money as well.  Check out this post on "KindleNomics" at ZdNet...they do the math on how many books you need to read to make the somewhat pricey ($299) Kindle e-book start saving you money.  If you tend to buy hardcover books to get the latest bestsellers, you might be surprised at the break-even point.
  6. Subscribe- When you subscribe to a magazine or newspaper, you save significant dollars versus the newsstand price.
  7. Get them used- Browse thrift stores and yard sales for used book.
  8. Ask friends- Chances are, somebody you know has a huge stack of back issues that just may be on its way to the trash soon. It never hurts to ask! Or, ask your employer if you can reserve some space on a bookshelf for a "traders" area.  Leave a book, take a book.
  9. Get the best deal- Find books, back issues and entire subscribtions for rock bottom prices via auction at
  10. Order online- Many magazines have special subscribtion that save you money when your place your order online, check their webpage out before ordering via ground mail.  Check out,, and


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