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Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Grocery Bills

Prices of everything these days are going up and more people are trying to save money the best way that they can. They may carpool with coworkers to save gas money or they may eat off the dollar menus when they go out to eat. This is a problem that affects everyone from all over the world. We stress about how we are going to pay our heating bills and our mortgages but do we really think about saving money when we grocery shop?

Most people don’t, you may have seen stories about women who spend 5 hours or more a week clipping coupons and checking out sale prices. They come home with hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for less than $ 50.00. We are all amazed at how they can do that but do we ever spend some time doing that for ourselves? No, because we hear someone spends 5 hours clipping coupons or looking for ways to save money and automatically we think that is way much time and who has 5 hours to spend on that sort of thing.

That is why we spend so much money on groceries. Imagine if you spent a few hours a week, gathering your information, making your shopping list and going to the store, how much money that will really save you. The extra money you save could help you pay off your electric bill or fill up your gas tank once a week. It is really possible to save money on your grocery bills; you just have to want it bad enough.

Here are some ways to save money on your grocery bills.

Good Old Fashioned Coupon Clipping

The most popular way to save money on your grocery bills is to clip coupons. You will find most manufacturers coupons in your local Sunday Newspaper. You can usually find about 20 pages of coupons in Sunday’s paper. Also check during the week in your daily newspaper, you may find some extra coupons located inside the pages of the newspaper. They may be printed in black and white and mixed among the pages of the paper. That is why a lot of people don’t know about them. They are always looking for the color page circulars and they don’t look through the paper thoroughly. You can find some great savings in your local paper.

There are so many websites that offer free coupons and hardly anyone knows about it. All you need is a printer and you can start saving instantly. These websites have different categories from baby products, frozen foods, soups etc. Choose what coupons you need and print them out. They are manufacturers coupons so all supermarkets and stores that accept coupons will also accept these.

A common mistake that most people make is that they wait until they get to the supermarket to see what the store has on sale. Now, you can plan your shopping list ahead of time by knowing what is on sale before you get to the store. Simply go online and log onto your local supermarkets website. You can see everything that is on sale and more. If there are clip and save coupons, simply pick up a circular when you get to the store. If you don’t see any when you get there, ask the customer service desk for a copy.

Sign Up for Free and Start Saving

Another great way to save you money in the store is to sign up for the Bonus Cards that they offer. These cards can really save you a lot of money. They are free and the application takes less than 5 minutes and you get a card right away. Sign up at the customer service desk when you are picking up the circular. As you shop the store, you will see specially tagged items that you have to have the card for.

By using your shopper’s bonus card plus the coupons you have you can really save money. Also ask your supermarket which days are double coupon days; it may be well worth it to switch your shopping days to the days where the store offers double coupons.

Get Back to Basics

Try making food from scratch, especially things like cookies. Try not to buy frozen meals, you can make most of these meals like Lasagna from scratch cheaper than it would be to buy it frozen, plus you could get more than one meal out of it. This will save you about a hundred dollars a month.

Switch Name Brands

If money is tight and you really want to save money, switch over to local store brands. There is a misconception about store brand items. Many people think they taste different than name brands. But the truth is they taste the same and in come cases better. For example, you are buying a half a gallon of Butter Pecan ice cream from a well-known ice cream company and it costs $ 4.50 and the store brand, which is just as good for $ 2.50 why would you want to pay an extra $ 2.00. Often store brands that go on sale are much better deals.

Alternatives to the Supermarket

Have you considered shopping for certain items in “ dollar stores”. They have name brand items such as cereal, peanut butter and jelly and soda. Compare the process at a dollar store to the price in a local supermarket chain. You will be amazed at the price.

Shopping at bulk stores, really don’t save you all that much money. You are paying slightly higher prices because you are getting more. But often times, we buy in bulk and have so much left over that it goes to waste. How can you save money that way? Most people usually are creatures of habit and they shop in the same stores every week faithfully. But if there is a store a little closer to your home you could save money. The prices may be the same but you will save gas money by driving to the out of the way store.

We have just shown you a few ways where you can literally save hundreds of dollars a month on your grocery bills. The only thing you have to do is execute a plan of action. If you don’t clip the coupons and you don’t shop around for the best prices, you are never going to save money. There is no one else to help you; you have to take the first step.

Create a budget and stick to it, the store bought brands are just as good as the name brands and they cost less. The only difference in the two is that you are not paying for the name on the product. The tips we offered are sure fire ways to save you money. Try it for one month, you are guaranteed to save at least a hundred dollars a month or more. You have nothing to lose except a high grocery bill.