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Is an Online Degree as Valuable as a Brick and Mortar?

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As technology advances, traditional values begin to fade away in response to a rise in newer programs to fit our society’s newfound technologically based lifestyle. This is seen in pop culture that engulfs large cities, such as Los Angeles and New York just as much as it can be seen in more traditional rural areas. In short, computers are taking over. This is changing all lifestyles from how we apply for jobs, find mates, and even get a post grade school education.

Long ago, there were only two choices for teens after they graduated high school. They could attend college or find a job. Few people returned to school after entering the workforce. Many high school graduates could not attend college and because they could not afford a higher education.

The Internet Transformed College Education

Then the personal computer and the Internet changed the entire way we lived our lives. Information was suddenly at our fingertips. Anything you wanted to learn became available through a simple Google search. Jobs were created, the impossible became possible, and people began looking at life in a new light. Sometime during this change in society, the opportunity to earn a degree online while you worked became available.

Online degrees were not met with much respect in the business world at first. Getting a college degree online was thought to be a simple task of paying for whichever degree you wanted without putting in the same hard work required of other students. An online degree used to be equivalent to a high school diploma. However, times have changed.

Online Education Now at Most Major Schools

Online courses are available at just about every major college and university in the world. The number of students enrolled taking at least one class online continues to rise every year. There are now many reputable state schools and online universities that offer a chance for people to get the same training they would get in a classroom, but at their own pace at home.

Not only are online schools more convenient for students, they are no more expensive than traditional courses. At the same time, they can save students the costs of gasoline and the costs of eating out while trying to balance work and evening classes.

The Value of Online Degrees versus Traditional

Are these online degrees as valuable as traditional degrees earned by regular classroom attendance? The answer is without a doubt, yes. When online degrees were first offered, there was some unethical activity in purchasing degrees. This made most online degrees no more trustworthy than decorated sheets of paper.

Not Just a Piece of Paper Anymore

Online degrees have since gained almost the same level of respect traditionally held degrees. This is because of stricter rules and the entrance of state funded universities into the online college world. Granted there are still false universities that simply hand out online degrees for a set amount of money. Only online degrees from lesser-known schools will become suspect to potential employers.

One Less Barrier to a College Degree

Many employers now accept online degrees with the same confidence as traditional degrees. This is because instructors have taken the time to set up successful online teaching tools that give online students the same training as those in the classroom. Programs such as Blackboard have begun paving the way for integrity-based online degrees earned by students around the world. The Internet has taken the geographical barrier away from the challenges of securing a college education. 

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