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No Contract Cell Phones: Comparing Plans from Straight Talk, Metro PCS, Cricket and Boost Mobile (Part II)

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 This post continues our review of No Contract Phone Plans, See Part 1 for a comparison of Straight Talk and Metro PCS.

When shopping for a new phone, it’s important to weigh all of the positives and negatives of each phone plan. Boost Mobile and Cricket are fairly well-known names in prepaid phone services. Both services offer low-cost, prepaid phone plans.  





Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has been around for several years. When the service first started, it didn’t offer any unlimited plans. However, as the cell phone market became more competitive, Boost Mobile decided to bust out with an all new $50 a month “unwronged” prepaid phone plan. It started with a series of cute commercials showing seriously "wrong" situations, like a coroner eating a bit of dropped burrito off the abdomen of a corpse or pigs eating ham steaks in a fancy restaurant, touting the real "wrong" being hidden cell phone charges. Boost is now one of the leading prepaid phone providers in the country.


  • Boost Mobile offers plans that are practical and affordable. They have a $50 a month unlimited plan as well as a basic $2 a day plan where you only pay on days that you use your phone. The unlimited plan includes talk, text, and web.
  • Boost Mobile customers report decent customer service. Unlike other companies that have outsourced their entire customer service department to the third world, Boost Mobile has actual native English speakers as customer service representatives. 
  • Boost Mobile has an excellent smart phone selection. While other prepaid service providers are lagging behind the times, Boost mobile leads the way in new cell phones and smart phones. They have popular brands such as the Blackberry Curve and even Android.
  • Most phones have free shipping if you buy them online. 
  • Boost Mobile offers phones that are highly durable. This is good news for people that often break oversensitive phones. They even carry some models that boast “military grade durability”. 


  • Their phones are expensive compared to other prepaid service providers. Even non-smart phones seem to be a little pricy so the initial cost of switching to or starting with Boost will be higher than other services. However, this is most likely due to their large smart phone collection which beats their competitors. Still, non-smart phones can be found for a much cheaper price elsewhere.
  • Some of the best phones from Boost Mobile must be purchased in store only. This can be frustrating for people who don’t live anywhere near a Boost Mobile store. 


Cricket has been around for several years just like Boost. However, Cricket is more popular on the West coast than anywhere else. While that has slowly been changing in recent years, there are still several places that don’t have Cricket service. 


  • A healthy smart phone selection. Like Boost, Cricket has a very good selection of smart phones to choose from. 
  • Cricket’s service is very affordable. A basic plan is $35 and includes unlimited talk, long distance, text, voicemail, and caller ID. The $45 plan includes all of the aforementioned, along with picture messages, video messaging, call waiting, 3-way calling, 411, mobile web, call forwarding, data backup, international text, and navigation. The $55 plan is the android plan and includes all of the standard features that come with android phones. The $60 plan is the Blackberry plan and includes everything needed to use all the functionality Blackberry has to offer.


  • Limited coverage areas can be a problem. Cricket doesn’t cover as many places as its competitors, which has contributed to its decline in popularity. This is another service that isn’t good for folks who travel. 

Finding a decent prepaid phone plan doesn’t have to be expensive. Cricket and Boost mobile are only two of the several prepaid phone plan options that are now available. Consider the pros and cons of each plan before choosing a phone and service that is right for you. If you'd like to see our comparison of Straight Talk and Metro PCS, see No Contract Cell Phones: Comparing Plans from Straight Talk, Metro PCS, Cricket and Boost Mobile (Part I).


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