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Need a Job? Don't Turn Your Nose Up at McDonalds

Finding good paying jobs has been something of a challenge over the last few years for many people who are out of work. Even fast food positions have been hit or miss in this struggling economy. Indications are beginning to show that jobs are opening up across the nation, and McDonald's is leading the way. The company expects to hire as many as 50,000 new workers this month.

McDonald's Announces Huge Hiring Push

McDonald's stores across the country are going to be looking for new staff members this April 19. The jobs will range from front counter help to management positions, and pay ranges will average near $8.30 per hour. People hired into management positions can expect even higher salaries. The stores will train new hires for all shifts, so no previous experience is necessary for many of the openings. If McDonald's successfully hires the 50,000 workers they are looking for, they will raise the number of working adults in the United States from 650,000 to 700,000 in a single day.

Tasks are Reasonable

The regular work that you do at McDonald's is not difficult, and it can even be rewarding. Depending on which position you hold, the work is easy to understand and complete in a timely manner. It can be fun to serve groups of children who come to McDonald's as a treat, especially if you work in a restaurant that has a built in playland. Whether you like to assemble meals, run a cash register, or take orders through a high tech headset, McDonald's has a job that will fit anyone's skills. The long hours that most McDonald's restaurants are open offer shifts that will accommodate almost anyone's needs.

Good Attitudes are Encouraged

If you bring the right attitude, working at McDonald's can be a blast. The management is interested in keeping everyone happy and ready to serve customers with a smile. That good attitude is contagious, and can turn around even the worst day if you let it. McDonald's is a team environment, and everyone is expected to pitch in to get the job done. It can be much easier to maintain a good attitude when the management is promoting a high level of morale throughout the entire staff.

Pay Rate Better Than Minimum Wage in Some States

At an average pay rate of $8.30, McDonald's workers make almost a dollar more than workers who are relying on minimum wage. There are some states that offer higher minimum wage rates, which the company will meet. Management can take home healthy salaries as well. The good environment and the good pay can combine to make McDonald's a nice place to work when you need something steady to fill in the gaps. Younger workers who need some experience can make a little more than they would make elsewhere while they learn how to handle themselves in a real life job setting.

Opportunities for Advancement

McDonald's is famous for promoting workers from within the corporation. There are countless stories of people who began their careers at the front counter and managed to work their way all the way up into the main administration for the entire corporation. In fact, the president of McDonald's USA began working for McDonald's at a cash register in 1978. If you are looking for a new career, you have a good chance of taking a decent work ethic and good attitude all the way to the top of the ladder with this corporation. There are not many companies today that still honor their hard workers by offering real promotions this way.

Make Ends Meet Until You Find What You Need

No matter what kind of professional you are trained to be, if you can't find work you can't pay your bills. McDonald's is a good place to work full or part time so that you can bring home some money while you search for a job that fits your intended career. McDonald's can be an excellent stop gap, especially when more lucrative work is hard to come by. The experience you will gain while you work at McDonald's might help improve your skills at your preferred job, as well. McDonald's employees develop great communication and social skills as they work directly with the public every day.

Heather Hollingsworth is a single mother raising three teenagers while she attends graduate school and feeds a budding freelance writing career. She's always looking for a new way to stretch a dollar as far as it can go!



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