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How to Apply for a Quest Card (Food Stamp Program) in Colorado

The Colorado Quest Card  ( State Food Stamps Program ) helps individuals and families with low incomes to buy food. It is an electronic benefits transfer, or EBT card, that is the modern replacement for food stamps.


You can apply with your county’s department of social services, where you will be interviewed to determine what level of benefits you are eligible for. If you are eligible, you will be given a Quest card, which works like a credit card to buy groceries at grocery stores and other participating retailers.

Who qualifies?

You can receive food assistance from the state of Colorado if your bank balance (checking and savings) is less than $2,001 ($3,001 if someone in your household is over 59 years old or has a disability) and your annual household income is less than $13,284 if you live alone, $17,808 if two people live in your home, $22,332 for three people, $26,856 for four people, $31,380 for five, $35,904 for six, $40,428 for seven, or $44,952 if more than seven people live in your home. A worker from your county will talk with you and may ask for your financial records to determine how much aid you are eligible to receive.

Here's a full table that outlines elegibility:


Income: Under Food Assistance Program rules, almost all types of income are counted to determine if a household is eligible. Most households must have income at or below certain dollar limits before and after deductions are allowed. However, households in which all members are getting public assistance or SSI do not have to meet the income eligibility tests.



Number living
in the Household
Max Gross
Monthly Income
Number living
in the Household
Max Net
Monthly Income
1 $1180 1 $908
2 $1594 2 $1226
3 $2008 3 $1545
4 $2422 4 $1863
5 $2836 5 $2181
6 $3249 6 $2500
7 $3663 7 $2818
8 $4077 8 $3136
Each Addl. +$414 Each Addl. +$319


To apply for the Colorado State Food Stamps Program, follow these steps:

1. The Colorado Works Program provides assistance to eligible children and families in need. To apply for this assistance, you have to download this form, and submit it , in person, to your local county office.

2. Colorado does, however, accept applications for food stamps and other benefit programs online...see the online PEAK application here.

3. You may be called in for an interview. If you are, ask what papers you need to bring with you. Some documents you may need to bring include: state ID, driver's license or birth certificate; paycheck stubs; documents about any social security, SSI, veteran’s, or child support benefits you receive; a recent mortgage statement or a copy of your home rental agreement; utility bills; bills or canceled checks for daycare; and medical bills if you are disabled or over 59 years old.

4. You may pick up your Quest card at your county’s department of social services or human services, or you may get it in the mail.

Important things to know about the Colorado State Food Stamps Program:

• For you to be eligible, all adults in your household who are able to work will be required to register with the Employment First program, which helps unemployed Colorado residents find jobs.

• You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to receive food assistance. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S.) will not be contacted, so applying will not get you into trouble if you are an undocumented alien. If you are applying for legal permanent residence or U.S. citizenship, receiving food aid will not hurt your chances.

Other resources for food:

Food banks provide bags of nutritious groceries to families and individuals who need help. A list of phone numbers and addresses for food banks in Colorado can be found at this government web site: HUD Foodbank Listing.

Other areas of the site to explore:



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