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How to apply for the EBT card in New York for Food Benefits

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 The EBT card in New York is used for it's Food Stamp Program. It's an electronic card that functions much like a credit card to allow you to make purchases of food and other qualifying items. To obtain and use the New York EBT card, follow these steps: Contact your local New York Social Services Office to obtain an application for food stamp services and the EBT card.

Residents of New York City (NYC) may also apply at their local food stamp center. New York is also making it easier for working families to apply for the Food Stamp Program through it's Working Families Food Stamp Initiative. You do not need to have children to take part. New York thinks of the people you live and buy groceries with as a part of your family. And, even if you live by yourself you can still qualify, as long as you meet the work requirements:

  • Any adult (18 or older) in your household is working 30 hours or more per week or earning $196.50 or more per week; or
  • Any two (2) adult members of your household are each working 20 or more hours per week or each earning $131 or more per week.

If you work the necessary number of hours or meet the earnings requirements, you may apply for food stamp benefits by mail and be interviewed on the phone, so you don’t need to take time off from work to visit a social services office. Use the following map to find the local number for your region of New York.

Aside from the EBT card, there are also other programs, like food pantries and the Angel Food Ministries program. Contact a local church or community action agency to locate local food pantries. Angel Food Ministries are available in every state. You can obtain boxes of food for a small amoutn of around $30. There is no minimum income limit. Angel Food Ministries' website is located at

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