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Free money for bills ?

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Free Money? Searching for Free money for bills or Free money to pay bills? There is a little truth behind websites and tv commercials that pitch the idea of Government Grants providing money, but it's not as great as they make it out to be, and there's no need to buy anything to find it. 

Information on government grants or other sources of money is pretty readily accessible. If you found this article by searching Google, you are probably hoping to hear the pitch from a gentleman named Matthew Lesko. He's famous for selling a book titled "Free Money to Pay Your Bills", where he claims that there are "billions in hidden dollars" to be found.

This sort of claim should probably be evaluated using the kind of advice that your parents might give you..."if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". And, the evidence seems to support that. Documents that cover the truth about Mr. Lesko's book are hard to find, but I did find this article at MSNBC.

What is that "Free Money For Bills" commercial really selling?

Basically, what he's doing is taking the truth, that there are some number of specialized government grants...and not telling you the entire 

story. Many of these grants are very specialized, and only available to a very specific set of people, for a very specific set of reasons. For example, many of the grants are only applicable to farmers, or scientists, or specific to certain regions of the country. Further, all of this information isn't secret, or even difficult to find.  Also, a fairly large percentage of the programs are loans that must be repaid, albeit at a lower rate than a bank might charge. The bottom portion of this article includes several official U.S. government websites that spell out the grants and programs in great detail, and without an unrealistic sales pitch.

And this quote, directly from Mr Lesko, from, seems to indicate that even the man behind all of this knows the real truth:

“A degree of lying—you know, white lies—seems to be inherent in all languages and all forms of communication,” he wrote in the introduction to his book Free Money to Pay Your Bills. “It’s really not lying; it’s more a matter of not presenting the downside of a situation.”

What's the truth then? Is there some kind of money out there we can get for free?

So, does that mean there really is no "Money to Pay your Bills" ?   Well, not exactly.  Some forms of assistance do exist, and many of them are free. It's just not as simple as a pile of money waiting to be claimed.  In fact, a large portion of the programs are loans, and not handouts...and must be repaid. There are, however, several government grants, programs and initiatives that are in place to help those in need.

Some ideas that are aren't exactly "Money for Free", but do really help:

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Re: Free money for bills ?

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Thought I'd share some excerpts from two reader emails I got on this topic...

Live and learn I guess. I was a victim of this "free money" scam, about eight years ago. I paid a fair amount of money (about $1500), and drove over 100 miles to attend a conference on Government Grants. So what did I get for my money?  A crappy, 99 cent binder with barely readable copies of stuff that was already on I also paid for a CDROM, but it wasn't any better.  It would have been smarter to just use the $1500 to pay off some bills, or start a "rainy day fund". Here's to hoping some smart lawyer files a class-action lawsuite against Mr. Lesko.   What comes around goes around.   Thanks for publishing the looks like now when people search for these scam type words, more and more of the "good info", like your article, is rising to the top. - (Name witheld on request)

Please don't publish my name and email, but I wanted to tell you that besides taking my money for a bunch of worthless advice, I was also signed up for a ton of junk mail after paying for the "Government Grants" seminar.   The junk mail, all about "Free Government Money" ( which is why I know they sold my mailing address ), just keeps coming.  At least one letter every day, sometimes 5 or 6.   Don't fall for the lies! (Name witheld by request )

Both good observations...and good advice. - Editor