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Discount Movie Tickets from AAA, Angie's List, and Costco

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Movie tickets are quite expensive these days, with average prices going from $4.33 in 1990 all the way up to an estimated $7.89 at this point in 2011. And, that's the just the average, including matinee pricing and discount theatres. It's not unusual to see movie tickets that cost $10-$14 or even more.  With that in mind, we've gathered several options to reduce the cost of seeing a movie in this article.


Many people are opting to watch movies on DVD at home, or just go see older movies at a discount theater. However, you don't need to go to those extremes. The movie experience just isn't the same at home, and dollar theaters don't have the latest movies.

If you want to see a first-run movie, at the theater, there are several options to purchase them at a significant discount.  Be sure to check out the newer resources at the bottom, or share a comment if you know of a great discount we're missing.

Sources for Cheap Movie Tickets

AAA Automotive Club: If you are a member, check AAA's website. Through their site you can get tickets to Edwards, Regal, and United Artists Theaters for around $6 each. You'll have to enter your zip code to see the offers in your area.

Angie's List You have a be a member, and the link is a little hard to find. Membership is $6 a month, with some discounts if you prepay for a year or more. Once you sign up as a member, look for a box at the bottom of the page called "Member Resources". You'll see a link there called "Tickets and Perks". That will take you to an order page where they offer the following:

  • AMC, Lowe's, and General Cinemas: $6.50
  • Cinemark Movies: $6.00
  • Regal/United Artists: $6.50

  Costco's: If you purchase them in a five pack for $37.50, you get a reasonable discount to Regal's Theaters. $7.50 each.

Also check the theater's website. Many of them offer a significant discount if you purchase online. Not all do, so be sure to find out first.

Some new updates: - Save $1.75 to $2.75 per ticket. Good for AMC, Cinemark, Regal, Landmark, and Pacific Theaters.

Discount Coupon Books from - You've probably seen these big discount books before.  If you purchase the discount book ( ranges from around $16-$25, depending on your area ), you'll get a huge book of discounts for dining, entertainment, and shopping.  Their movie coupons offer the following prices per ticket:

  • Regal Cinemas, United Artists, and Edwards Theatres- $6.00 per ticket
  • Showcase, Multiplex, and Cinema Deluxe - $7.00 per ticket
  • AMC THEATRES - $6.00 per ticket

Other great deals and advice:

Also see our article that describes how to save money once you are at the theater...



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Re: Find Discount Movie Tickets from AAA, Angie's List, and ...

Handy tips, thanks. Don't forget the good old dollar theaters as well, even though some of them are $2, or $3 now. I have noticed that they are usually cleaner now, less sticky stuff on the floor :)

Re: Find Discount Movie Tickets from AAA, Angie's List, and ...

Good tips!  I've also taken advantage of Netflix and just stayed away from the theaters and saved quite a bit.