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The Cure for What Ails You in a Down Economy – Your Local Library

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The rising cost of entertainment has become a major drain on the average person’s budget. The price of tickets, concessions and souvenirs has led many people to begin to seek out more cost-effective sources of entertainment. However, one convenient source of entertainment that many people tend to overlook is located right in their local community. Public libraries are always open to community residents, and they offer many entertainment services that extend well beyond the shelves of books.

Free Access to Media

For avid movie or music enthusiasts, the library can be a great resource for low cost entertainment. Many libraries offer the latest movies in a variety of genres. Many families are beginning to eliminate their subscriptions to video and television streaming services by taking advantage of the rich media that their library has in stock.

Employment Resources

Many different employment resources are also available at the local library. Community libraries have computer rooms that are available for anyone to use to browse the internet for job listings, e-mail resumes and respond to messages. Many local libraries also offer free training seminars and classes that can help job seekers to brush up on their skills, or to learn basic computer techniques that can help them to be successful in their job search.

Meeting Room Reservations

Local libraries also have special rooms that can be reserved for important meetings for either social or business purposes. These rooms are usually soundproof and can offer a private space for people to gather and hold discussions. Because renting out space at banquet halls and corporate offices is expensive, a library’s free access to a meeting room can add up to substantial savings.

Live Entertainment

Everyone loves to watch live entertainment. However, theatres and other venues charge steep prices for tickets and seats. Local libraries frequently offer special events such as author readings, poetry slams and music recitals that patrons can enjoy at no cost. Libraries tend to include several entertainment events a month in their schedules and often include a variety of different types of entertainers and speakers. Anyone who is interested in saving money on entertainment should make it a habit to check their community library’s event schedule before making plans for a night out on the town.

Children’s Classes

Libraries are a rich resource for parents who want to instill a love for reading and a sense of community in their children. Local libraries reach out to the children in the community by providing classes and programs that are available to children of all ages. For example, many libraries host a reading club each summer in which children can earn recognition for the books that they read over a certain period. They also offer preschool classes and other programs that can enrich a child’s academic learning. Additionally, libraries have exciting events available for families such as puppet shows to provide entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

Educational Resources

While the library offers many types of books that you can read for entertainment, they also provide students with a place to go to conduct their research. They also offer students a great way to save on print materials such as newspapers and books. Libraries can help anyone to save money on books while also helping them to keep their home free from clutter.

Buying a book that you will only once is not a smart financial move. Therefore, people should look to the library first when they are looking for a specific book to satisfy a course requirement. Another advantage to visiting the local library is being able to utilize the knowledge of research professionals. Librarians are able to help with searches on both the internet and within the library shelves. They can be the perfect person to help someone to select the right book to suit their interests or a classroom assignment.

Libraries were slowly dying out in many communities. However, the slouching economy has shown us just how relevant and important libraries are to citizens with financial troubles. With so many of us in difficult financial straits, the community library offers affordable entertainment, personal enrichment and career development resources.

Jessica Bosari is a freelance writer and blogger for various publications and her own blog. You can read more of Jessica's work here. If you have any comments or questions about or about saving money, leave your comments in the form below or email Thanks!


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