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Completely free conference calling, really.

Yep. Conference calling for free.imagebrowser image..iotum, a communications company, recently launched a new service called calliflower. If you've used a business-oriented conference bridge before, it has all of those features, but it's even a bit more than that.

From their web-based dashboard,you can create calls and invite participants as well as manage and record the call. It also provides you and the other callers with a visual information about the call and the people on it. If you have documents related to the call, you can upload those into the interface to share them with everyone...

The great thing about Web conferencing is the collaborative tools included in the service. They make information easier to share, interpret, absorb and present.



This feature allows a conference moderator to share the screen he sees with all conference attendees. The moderator can choose to open documents on his or her computer and show them to everyone else easily. You can even markup, highlight and write on the document during the meeting. This feature also makes real time slideshows and presentations a breeze. You can even turn on the collaborate tools to let other participants add their input. If you have multiple presenters, this feature lets you hand the reigns to another professional to point out areas within his or her expertise.



The mark up feature can also act as a whiteboard. All you have to do is open a blank document and begin making notes. Turning on collaboration lets others add to the conversation. 


Interactive Chat

Instant-messaging makes a great conferencing tool because you can add to the conversation without interrupting the speaker. Participants can have side chats about specific sections of the meeting without looking to an outside application. 



Free MP3 recording makes it easy to share the meeting with those who could not attend. You just hit the button and capture the URL. Then share it by email to those who couldn't make it or send it to the transcriptionist to have a scannable document.  


Get it for Free

The service is free except for the cost of long distance calls to the bridge number. If the callers don't have a local conference bridge number, calliflower does support Skype.

They have local numbers in several cities within Canada, United States, Mexico, Finland, Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. See to sign up for the free service.

Other free conference calling services:


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