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Apply for Federal Weatherization Program and Save Money on your Utility Bills

If you are a low income family or individual and you qualify under the state guidelines, you can apply for the weatherization program. Once you have been approved, you can get improvements to your home that will weatherize it to cut down the costs of your heating bills. Contractors can fix or replace old and broken furnaces, repair or put in new windows, add insulation, caulking, and more.

Update: President Obama's stimulus program, now passed by Congress, is set to pump an additional $5 billion into this program.  That can mean up to ten times more spent this year versus in year's past, especially in the colder weather states like Oregon, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, etc.  Minnesota, for example, usually weatherizes about 3500 homes each year, and with the additional funding could raise that to almost 35,000.

How to Apply for the Weatherization Program

Those who apply, must make an appointment with the agency who will fill out the application for weatherization. Applicants will need proof of past 90 days income, proof of ownership of their home or documentation from the landlord to allow the process to be done (The landlord will be required to pay a processing fee, and half of all of the mechanical work), a recent utility bill, and social security cards for everyone who lives in the household.

Applications can take up to 4 weeks to process, and construction may not begin until sometime that calendar year. Each office could be different. Weatherizing your home can make it more airtight, and allow the necessary airflow to travel through your home so that you can have quality heating. If you believe it is a program you could qualify for, check out the link below to learn more about the weatherization program:

Department of Energy Weatherization Program

If you meet their requirements, you can apply for the weatherization program.

Other sources of Information

See our article that describes how to get government assistance with your heating bill ( LIHEAP).

Also, be on the lookout for scams and bad advice: Free Money For Bills?



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