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"America Saves Week" goes unnoticed...

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Even diligent money savers sometimes miss important events that can help them meet their financial goals. One such event was America Saves Week that took place February 21st – 28th, 2010. The event has been taking place every February since 2007. Why has such an important event gone largely unnoticed? It staggers the imagination to understand why a country in the midst of a financial crisis would miss the resources offered by this vital opportunity. There was only a smattering of mentions in the major news media about America Saves Week, despite the organizations efforts at outreach.

Americans Are Saving Less

According to, the number of Americans with savings plans has been falling since 2008. The number of those participating in retirement savings plans at work fell too. It appears that money is so tight for many Americans that they have given up on saving. Studies by the America Saves organization highlight the fact that many Americans do not even have enough money to plan for an emergency car repair, much less retirement, especially those making less than $50,000 per year.

Don’t let yourself be one of those Americans. Take advantage of the excellent tools and advice offered by The site and the America Saves Week movement are funded by the American government and many private financial institutions. 

What America Saves Offers

Even if you missed all of the 18,000 events sponsored in 20 states, you can get helpful tools and advice. For instance, did you know that saving only $2 every day and earning compound interest, you would have $25,000 for your retirement? It’s simple tips and advice like these, that anyone can accomplish, that make the movement so valuable and so important to America’s future. offers tools like Savings Messages, notes of encouragement sent to your email inbox. Or you can just visit the site and watch the messages whenever you like. You can test your savings knowledge and learn everything you need to know about saving money and managing a budget. It also helps you assess the state of your savings and track your progress. 

Other helpful tools at the site include advice and resources for employers on how to help employees save for retirement, help for teachers teaching kids about saving money and inspiring stories of savers just like you and me. Headlines include titles like, “Marine Helps Others Save,” and “Kansas City Saver Pays Off Credit Cards.” The success stories of these savers offer tips, advice and encouragement for those struggling to put a little away each day.

Hope and Encouragement

The story of Marine Erich Weber shows how learning to save money takes time. “…it took me a couple of years to get my spending under control.” Once Erich learned to control his own finances, he reached out to others, helping them to do the same. Through the Military Saves program, Weber is planning events designed to increase awareness about Military Saves among base personnel. His passion for saving money and helping others is truly inspiring.

Beth Mayers, a Kansas City resident, shares how she finally gained the discipline needed to save money. In the past, Beth “had too many credit cards, and I used them more than I should…It was like a dependency.” Beth knew she needed to gain control of her finances when she stumbled upon the Kansas City Saves Meetings. The meetings helped her gain valuable tips on how to save money. She learned to hold onto spare change and cut out unnecessary services.  The lessons learned at Kansas City Saves helped her to change her mindset so that she was always thinking of ways to save money. She learned to budget and make a priority of setting aside money every month. Beth has already managed to pay off and cut up two of her credit cards with plans to pay the rest off in the coming year. 

Be one of the America Saves success stories yourself. Learn about saving money, balancing your budget and making smart financial decisions. Make it a goal to put money away every day, every week, every month and every year. Make saving money as important as earning a paycheck to reduce stress and let you enjoy the many joys life has to offer.

Jessica Bosari is an Internet copywriter and blogger for various publications and her own blog. You can read more of Jessica's work here.


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Re: "America Saves Week" goes unnoticed...

Didn't know that there was such a week. I saved anyway, so I guess I did not need their reminder that week.