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5 Best Places to Buy Discount Gift Cards

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The holidays are once again nearly upon us. With the popularity of gift card giving increasing every year, givers are now experiencing a lot less stress in the hustle and bustle of shopping and wracking their brains about what to buy. Gift cards have definitely changed the way we shop for the holidays; many shoppers think for the best. You may not realize you don’t have to pay full price or a gift card. Those who receive them sometimes look to unload them for one reason or another. Websites have cropped up as a place for gift card sellers to get a little cash and gift card buyers to save some. The websites listed below are some of the most trustworthy and easy to use gift card discount sites.  


Here you can save as much as 35 percent off the face value of a gift card. Shipping is free too. They sell electronic and physical gift cards. If the card you want is out of stock, you can put it on a wish list and receive updates when they come in. Cards are guaranteed valid with the merchant and the face value will remain the same at the time of purchase. Cardpool’s return policy states the card can be returned for any reason if you are not satisfied, but you must return the card in the same condition in which you received it. Cards bought here are guaranteed for 100 days from purchase date up to $1,000, with the exception of electronic gift cards.

ABC Gift Cards

ABC offers similar guarantees as Cardpool. They validate every card sold. If you find you received a fraudulent card, ABC Gift Cards will refund the money or replace your card with one that is valid, but you have to tell them with 45 days of the original purchase. They will only allow you to return a card if the face value is not what you purchased.  

Plastic Jungle

Plastic jungle boasts up to 35 percent savings on over 400 electronic and physical cards. They offer alerts for cards you are looking for, just like Cardpool. While shipping is free, you may need to pay if you want expedited shipping. Plastic jungle guarantees the card’s dollar amount and promises you’ll have your card within 3 weeks of buying it. Thjey guarantee cards are valid up to 60 days from the date you buy them, up to $1,000 per customer. They only allow returns for problems related to the guarantees they offer.

This seller offers up to 30 percent savings on cards from 250 stores and brands. Like Plastic Jungle, shipping is free unless you choose to expedite. If you don’t receive your card within 10 days of purchase, you must tell them or they won’t investigate or offer a refund. If you receive the wrong card or dollar amount, they will accept a return. Cards are promised to be valid for 60 days from the purchase date. They will accept returns that fall outside of their guarantee policy, but will charge a 10 percent restocking fee. Past 60 days, they do not accept returns.

This is a gift card site directory that helps you find the card you want without searching all the gift card sites. If you use this service, it’s important to check out the seller yourself and not assume it’s a safe buy.  Gift Card Granny is a search site and makes no promises about the seller it may connect you to.

Whether you choose to buy gift cards for others, or buy them to get an instant discount on your holiday shopping, it’s a good deal that can save you a bundle.

Jessica Bosari is a freelance writer and blogger for various publications and her own blog. You can read more of Jessica's work here. If you have any comments or questions about or about saving money, leave your comments in the form below or email Thanks!


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