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3 Places to Find Cheap but Great Furniture

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Cheap and great usually only go side by side when gushing about the great discount you got on an item, making the ultimate cost really cheap. When acquiring new furniture (or at least new to you),  you can get some really great pieces for cheap if you learn some simple techniques.

The ultimate goal is to save money whenever possible. Why pay more if you can get the same item for less? The area to be cautious of is sacrificing quality for discount prices. Getting new furniture is a great time of renewal and revitalization for your home. Ensuring you have gotten the right pieces and good quality will stand the test of time.

Where to Buy

Most of us are familiar with the furniture stores in our areas. They range from small mom and pop stores that have a proven track record within the community to the large mega furniture stores that dominate our evening television commercials.

Thrift Furniture

A great place to start, which you may not have considered is your local charity shop. In many cases they may have just the piece you were looking for. True, you most likely are not going to refurnish an entire room from there is a great possibility you will find at least 1 or 2 pieces to either start you in the right direction or put the final touches. Shop around and keep an open mind and these treasures might present themselves.

Second hand furniture typically has the quality you are looking for because it has withstood the test of time. In some cases it may only require a slight sanding or even a new paint job to match your décor. The key is to have vision and be willing to do some light work for a great end result and savings. There are also furniture swap locations throughout the country that take in pieces and allow you to take some out as well.

The Mega Stores

The ads are endless and the slogans are catchy jingles or just clever rhymes. These clever antics pull you into the store, but will the product be what you are looking for? Typically furniture that is made to look high quality simply does not hold up. The construction may be lacking or the materials not meant to withstand years of everyday use.

Sure, you can get top of the line quality pieces, but at what cost? To keep within a budget when buying furniture is a key factor in your financial health. Do some research on furniture manufacturers. Knowing where furniture is made and the makers' reputations can assist you in making informed decisions on what to buy.

Many of these furniture stores have a dedicated clearance area. Most often the items are slightly defective, one of a kind or just older versions of newer models. Pieces might be returned to the store after an unsuccessful delivery, or perhaps just they just didn't fit what the customer had envisioned. In this case, you can get some great deals on nearly brand new items. Check often and speak to the associates on staff to let them know what you are looking for. There may a delivery on its way back to the store right at that moment!


Ikea, Ikea, Ikea – the most necessary evil of all when it comes to buying furniture. Everyone has seen the ads, most likely been to an Ikea within the last year for one reason or another or even received their catalog in the mail.

Everyone I know has mixed emotions about Ikea. The one thing I will say is Ikea only promises what they can deliver. Inexpensively priced, moderate home furnishings often times with a flare. You get what you pay for; but also you keep what you take care of. Ikea has many great deals on furnishings that may not stand up to a bunch of kids beating on it but then again, what would?

Like earlier, if you know the materials used and how your lifestyle will affect them then you can better assess what will work for your family. Ikea will refund your money if you return within a certain period, only to send those pieces to the clearance section (where you should be looking as well).

Ikea has many great ideas as to making the most of space and using many everyday objects for function or décor. The informed shopper will always come out on top. Know what it is you are looking for and what money you have available to complete your purchases.

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