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16 Ways to Do Well By Doing Good

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In most instances, people find as much pleasure in giving as the recipient obtains from receiving. Though monetary donations go a long way to help many fine charities, many people caught in the turbulence of the economy understandably cannot afford to part with finances. But there are countless other ways people can provide donations. Being charitable does not necessarily include giving money.

Aluminum Cans

Local schools, churches and other organizations often times collect aluminum cans for various moneymaking projects. Also, check with Habitat for Humanity. The organization sells the cans to buy much needed building materials and supplies that go into housing projects.


The Red Cross continually organizes blood drives in numerous communities across the country. However, be sure to eat a rich protein meal beforehand and drink plenty of fluids prior to donating.


Many facilities and organizations readily welcome donations of books and or magazines. Check hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers, women’s centers, VA centers and prisons. Local libraries may or may not accept books, or may sell them for proceeds.

Business Attire

Many men and women require professional clothing for job interviews but cannot afford to purchase the items. and are two organizations accommodating this need for many.


Individuals not knowing what to do after replacing old carpet might check with animal shelters. Many use remnants for bedding. Some local radio stations provide free listings; persons may also offer the carpet to anyone in need.


Instead of inhabiting a landfill, old computers and other technology are frequently welcomed at a local non-profit organization for bookkeeping or records. and other organizations will also gladly find a home for the equipment.

Cupboard Excess

Whether it be an abundance of travel mugs, sippy cups, extra bakeware, silverware or other no longer used items taking up space, ask the local food pantry if they would be interested in donating these items to families in need. The same goes with plentiful garden veggies. Families experiencing tough times would more than likely be delighted to have fresh, homegrown food.


Local Lion’s Clubs takes prescription eyeglasses and recycles them for funds to provide new prescriptions for children in financially struggling families. Some optometrists also welcome eyewear for use as replacement parts.


Whether flower arrangements come from funerals or weddings, many local facilities rearrange the bouquets for the adoration of others. Check with hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers or possibly local upcoming events.

Gowns is a charity that accepts wedding gowns for women experiencing the devastating effects of breast cancer. Prom dresses or other gowns and quilts are also accepted. The organization strives to provide survivors with happier memories while providing education and support.


Put a smile on the face of a child enduring hair loss because of a chronic medical condition or necessary treatment. Locks of love utilizes human hair to provide hairpieces and wigs for children in the US and Canada. Just cut off a ponytail 10” or more in length and send it in a sealed envelope. For further information, check

Home Improvement Supplies and Tools

Individuals upgrading tools or having surplus from an improvement project can put these items to good use. Habitat for Humanity and similar organizations are more than willing to accept various building supplies and tools. Rather than taking excesses to local landfills, check for lists of needed supplies.


Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program takes donations of old athletic shoes, separate the different components, grinds the pieces down and makes sustainable raw materials. The recycled materials construct basketball courts, playgrounds and tennis courts. Individuals may visit for details.


Donate the space on your lapel, wrist or on a vehicle bumper to display a pin, bracelet or bumper sticker to a favorite charity. Many organizations willingly supply items for this purpose. Individuals may not be able to benefit charities themselves with financial donations, but the free advertisement often causes others to stop and think.


Tending to little ones in a church nursery, or visiting a lonely person in a nursing home are situations where people gladly welcome donations of time. Perform a chore or run errands for someone not physically able, or volunteer through a local organization. Most communities have various places needing people to relinquish a little free time.


Individuals might consider reading a book aloud while recording for The organization develops audio books, educational material and radio material for the sight impaired.


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