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15 tips for clipping coupons

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Coupon clipping is a great way to save money on just about everything- Groceries, toiletries, household items, cleaning supplies, toys, baby stuff, dining out. You name it, there is probably a coupon for it somewhere. Manufacturers print coupons to get an edge against their competitors, gain popularity, or promote a new product. You, as a consumer, can benefit from this and save thousands of dollars a year on expenses with a little patience and time. We put together a list of a few tips and tricks to maximize your benefits from coupon clipping. 

  1. Store coupons in a place you won't forget about them when you're about to leave the house. Try a basket or container near your doorway, or even keep them in the car.
  2. Don't throw away coupons you get in the mail. A lot of the fast food ones are great. Both Jack in the Box and Arby's are well known for great half-off, and buy-one-get-one-free deals.
  3. Print off coupons online. Some popular and reliable sources are, SmartSource , Coupon Surfer and Coupon Cabin.
  4. Browse the clearance section. Are they any coupons you could use there for additional savings?
  5. Save even more by "layering" coupons. Use both a store coupon, and a manufacturer's coupon.
  6. Look through magazines and newspapers for coupons.
  7. Look for hidden costs! A coupon for three dollars off Chinese food might not be that great if there is a delivery charge, not to mention the tip.
  8. Organize your coupons! Keep a binder with different sections for different coupons. Categories could include produce, canned, dairy/meat, dry goods, cleaning items, and other.
  9. Get coupons delivered to your door from ValPak. To sign up, visit their website and under "contact us" select "mailing list"
  10. Check for store coupons on the webpage of the store you plan on visiting.
  11. Look for coupons in the grocery store. Some are tear off in dispensers near a product, and some are on the package itself.
  12. Compare and save! If you have a coupon for a brand name product, make sure the final price is cheaper than the generic alternative.
  13. Make sure you are saving money, not justifying spending more of it. Only use coupons for items and services you would use otherwise.
  14. Join the customer clubs at grocery and chain stores you shop at frequently. Most have exclusive, members only coupons
  15. If you are using a mail in rebate, make sure to mail it in to actually get your rebate by the due date.. So many people forget to do this, and end up paying full price.


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Re: 15 tips for clipping coupons

I'd say don't print off online coupons, but re-visit the coupon sites to get the freshest coupons when you are actually shopping.

Re: 15 tips for clipping coupons

Nice tips. Coupons are a great way to save on a regular basis and easy to obtain them.