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Money Saving Tips

Tips that save you money!

Money Saving Tips

Garden Recipes to Make the Most of Gifted Veggies

free vegetables, recipesMake free food into the best food you ever had!

Even if you don't have a vegetable garden, the free veggies tend to flow this time of year. Friendly neighbors and relatives with extra produce show up with mounds of squash, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and corn. These delectable treats can easily be transformed into gourmet delights for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some great ways to take advantage of gifted vegetables, which will also help you to save money too!Read the rest...

How to Save on Groceries without Running Yourself Ragged

no sales, no coupons, groceries

No coupons, no sales, just pure everyday grocery savings!

I’m sure you’ve seen those psycho coupon hoarders running all over town to saving tons of money on food, but who has that kind of time? Clipping coupons only saves you a little and chasing sales wears you out – not to mention the wear on your car. Instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, learn how to shop wisely all the time, whether you have a coupon or not and whether the food you want is on sale or not.Read the rest...

Don't Waste Your Money by Overbuilding for Your Neighborhood

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renovations home value realestateYou might be overbuilding when…

When planning renovations, many homeowners fail to look around and take stock of their neighborhood. In many cases, a million dollar home won’t sell for its full value if the average cost of the homes in the neighborhood is only $200,000. Homeowners must be smart with their renovations. Home prices are based on sales in your area and the lower priced homes around you will bring down your home’s value no matter how great you make it.Read the rest...

Saying No to Your Kids Doesn't Have to Be Painful

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toys kids shoppingIt's not just about saving money... it's about saving your kids!

We all love our kids and want them to be happy. That makes it so hard to say no to them… so much harder than they realize. They ask for so darn much, not realizing that you have to say no most of the time. If you give them whatever they ask for, they won’t grow to be well-adjusted adults. So, they ask, you say no, and they keep on asking until you blow a gasket. With the right approach, you and your kids can better understand each other’s concerns and struggle less with this age-old problem.Read the rest...

Don’t Let an Overwhelming House Payment Make Your Life Miserable

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Being House Poor Is a Burden You Can Do Without

Getting a new home is an exciting time. Whether you’re building buying an existing one, the thought of decorating and furnishing a space that’s totally yours is thrilling. The amazing view, the enormous yard and the gorgeous landscaping take your breath away. But a perfect home is an expensive home. You can fall in love with the new house and end up putting all your effort into making it complete. You can become so wrapped up in that process that you forget what it means to live a quality life.Read the rest...

Identify Theft Happens and Everyone Is a Target

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identity theftEveryone fits into at least one of the identity theft high-risk groups.

When reading about cases of identity theft in the news or online, it can be easy to forget everyone is a target and that cases of identity theft continue to increase worldwide. With the advent of newer technologies and more private information being stored in online mediums, identity thieves are continuing to become more sophisticated in the methods they use to entrap consumers. Some individuals are more at risk because of their type of online activity according. Unfortunately, most people fit into at least one of those high-risk groups.Read the rest...

Do You Pay Too Much for Your Internet Service?

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cheap internet providersFind Out How with This Free, No Strings Attached Software

When signing up for internet service packages it can be easy to be swayed by promises of “gigabytes” and “more bandwidth” promises – but do you really use what you pay for? By measuring your actual internet usage and data requirements, you could potentially save every month by choosing an internet plan that meets your real usage needs.Read the rest...

How to Shop at HomeGoods for the Best Home Decor Deals

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homegoods shoppingGetting the best out of your favorite discount store.

If you haven’t yet devoted your shopping time to HomeGoods, maybe it’s time to start checking out everything this store has to offer. HomeGoods, owned by the TJX Companies, is a popular chain of discount home furnishing stores. Their line complements the company’s well-known Marshall’s and TJ Maxx apparel stores and is a gold mine for finding deeply discounted items for everything from pillow and wall hangings to dining chairs and vases. Read the rest...

Time to Stop Looking for ATMs and Start Hunting for ITMs

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Video Teller ATM, ITMFull serving banking at any hour through ITMs(Interactive Teller Machines)

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) have been a standard piece of equipment used in our everyday financial transactions for years. This computerized money-dispensing technology has made accessing personal accounts convenient at any time of the day or night. Strategically placed around shopping centers and food outlets, these clever inventions revolutionized personal banking, forcing financial institutions to reconsider how they operated.Read the rest...

Don't Pay a Plumber! How to Clear Clogged Drains Yourself.

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clogged drain diyMany clogs can easily be handled without paying a professional.

Few things in this world are quite as annoying as clogged drains. When you're brushing your teeth, you want that stuff to actually go down the drain as quickly as possible. In the shower, you don’t want the water rising up around your ankles. Hair and soap scum can really wreak havoc on any drain but you don’t necessarily have to call a plumber and shell out a fortune to get it fixed. Several methods of clearing drains don’t require a plumber’s help.Read the rest...