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Money Saving Tips

Tips that save you money!

Money Saving Tips

Make Your Car Last Longer than You Ever Thought Possible

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make your car last

100,000 miles can be the new 50,000 miles if you care for your car well.

For me, driving an old junker makes me feel much more proud than a new car with a payment. It makes me feel wiser, freer and - okay I admit it - superior. I’m proud of my 2009 Dodge Dakota. It’s got 239,000 miles on it and it cost way less than a Toyota. How did it get to this point? It didn’t hurt that I had a mechanic for a husband. But it was more than fixing what went wrong. He knew how to treat a car and helped to keep this beast running so long. I’m hoping the bed will rust off before the engine goes. Here’s how you can keep your car running to 200,000 and beyond.Read the rest...

How to Save Money by Fixing Household Appliances Yourself

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fix appliances yourselfWhere to go for the information you need to diagnose and repair problems.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Great, you think as you follow the source of that unconscionable racket  and find it's your washing machine in the basement, which has migrated three feet from its usual spot. Another repair. How much will it cost me this time? The good news is that you might not have to spend $80 just to pay a repairman to visit and find out you need to replace your washer anyway. Many repairs can be done at home, even by those with only modest mechanical skills. Here’s how.Read the rest...

6 TED Talks that Will Change the Way You Think About Your Money

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Take the time to watch these presenters and open your financial horizons. 

Money makes the world go round but it is a topic filled with challenges and misinformation. How do you know you’re making the best use of your finances and how do you protect those finances for your future? These are just a few of the questions TED Talks can address and answer – find out how you can keep your financial world spinning. Read the rest...

Waste Not, Want Not: Fresh Pumpkin Recipes

fresh pumpkin recipesDon’t let those pumpkins go to waste. Use these fresh pumpkin recipes instead.

A big part of frugal living is thinking before you throw anything away. With Halloween just over it seemed smart to come up with some recipes to use those carved pumpkins instead of letting them rot. Here are my favorite frugal pumpkin recipes and a few tips on other ways to use pumpkin in cooking.Read the rest...

Frugal Experiment #1: Ghetto Juice

food processor juicingExtra Tips And Advice I Learned When Juicing For Myself.

Hopefully, you had a chance to read the “The Ghetto Guide to Juicing: Save Money on Healthy Juices.” Admittedly, I offered some sound advice in that article, based on my research into the topic of finding affordable ways to stay healthy, one of which is juicing. But this afternoon’s experiment of putting that advice into practice yielded some surprising results, which I’d like to share with you now.Read the rest...

7 Ways to Drastically Cut Your Wine Budget without Giving It Up!

affordable wineLove wine but hate the cost? 7 Ways to have your wine and afford it too!

When it comes to wine, expensive does not always mean better. In fact, many fabulous wines cost less than $15. Open your mind, improve your wine drinking experience and save a few dollars by using these 7 money saving tips (including some affordable wine recommendations).Read the rest...

Manilla: An Easier, Totally Free Way to Track Your Spending

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manilla bill trackingTrack your bills for free and get $5 for referring a friend.

How often have you forgotten to pay a bill, and when you finally get around to catching up on all those late notices, your bank account’s empty until the next payday? A new service wants to help you avoid that mess. It’s based on the envelope accounting system, thus the catchy, albeit creatively spelled name. Here’s what you need to know to find out if Manilla is a good tool for you.Read the rest...

How to Get More Money Selling Your Car

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tips selling a carTips for getting a better price and avoiding problems after the sale.

Selling your car is a great way to make some extra cash or acquire a down payment for your next vehicle. Trade-ins often leave you feeling like you didn't get the best bang for your buck, but selling a vehicle on your own can be tedious as well. Get the most money possible for your used car by following these tips.Read the rest...

No Cell Signal at Home? The Cheap Fix!

bad cell receptionDon’t spend hundreds on a complicated signal booster system. Just switch to one of these plans or apps.

Spotty cell service can cause a lot of frustration. But most of us have Wi-Fi internet at home. The good news is you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a signal booster for your home. The right phone carrier or apps will do the trick to get Wi-Fi calling enabled on your phone. You can send and receive calls over your home’s wireless internet as if you were in any area with excellent cell phone reception. Here are your options.Read the rest...

How to Save on Heat When You Rent

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home heat energyIn a rental, you can’t make big changes, but there are still many ways to stop heat leaks.

I told you about my recent unfortunately experiences with being house poor. At this point, I’m on my own, in a much more affordable house for the winter. I lucked into a furnished off-season rental, almost the same size as my old home, but half the rent cost. I don’t have to worry about buying furniture for at least 9 months. Some winter rentals are 3-season cottages that were never meant for winter habitation. If you miss this one important detail, you could end up paying twice your rent in heating costs during January and February. I made sure this was a fully insulated home, but because we’re on the ocean where the wind whips the heat from the house, I’ve gone through the house with a sharp eye and plugged up any source of heat leakage to make sure I spend as little on heat as I can.Read the rest...