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Money Saving Tips

Tips that save you money!

Money Saving Tips

Seniors Get a Break with New Lending Rules

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Allowing retirees to include retirement savings in loan applications makes it easier for them to buy homes.

People born between 1946 and 1964 are often called the “baby boomers.” This generation represent more than a fifth of the American public, and as a result, these individuals play a significant role in the country’s economy. The majority of baby boomers are empty nesters and grandparents, and while many of them still work full-time, this large section of the population is fast approaching retirement. This sudden increase in the number of people cashing in retirement funds has forced the largest players in financial investments and retirement assets to re-think how retirees can financially manage their retirement.  Read the rest...

Citi Simplicity Card - Could It Really Be that Awesome?

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No late fees or penalties sounds too good to be true...Is it?

In the wake of customer outrage against banks charging excessive fees, Citibank introduced its Citi Simplicity Card in 2011. The card aims to simplify your life by removing the fine print and associated fees that have long plagued credit card users. This is a quick review to help you decide whether this card makes sense for you.Read the rest...

How College Students Can Save More Money this Summer

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Explore summer job opportunities to save money and keep your debts down.

Summer is finally here and with classes over the sunny days and endless nights beckons! Nothing feels better than letting down your hair and kicking back to make the most of the summer break. But all isn’t as peachy as it seems. Life as a college student is financially difficult, and when juggling assignments and work commitments each semester, staying ahead of student loans is almost impossible. The money you earn and save over the summer is vital to keeping your finances under control.Read the rest...

The Truth about These Common Mortgage Myths

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Know your mortgage facts so you can make smarter financial decisions.

To many people unfamiliar with mortgages, the concept can often be difficult to grasp. In fact, since most homeowners only buy a house every five to seven years, these individuals typically do not invest time educating themselves about the mortgage process. Here are some common misconceptions on mortgages:Read the rest...

Would You Exercise More to Save Money on Health Insurance?

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Obese participants in one health insurance program showed that most of us would!

A new study shows forcing people to choose between a hike in health insurance premiums or to participate in exercise, they choose to save the money. In a controversial move, an insurance company began implementing this type of program for obese members… and it worked.Read the rest...

Where to Order the Cheapest Checks Online

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Save money by ordering bare bones checks online.

I just hate to spending money just so I can well… spend more money. I pay as much as I can online to cut down on using checks, but a few small and rare expenses can’t be paid by credit card or online. Sooner or later, you run out of checks and have to spend money to buy more. So, you’re forced to shell out cash just to pay bill, you want to keep that cost to a minimum. I have found that ordering checks online is the cheapest way, but with so many check sellers out there, I thought the rest of you might like a little guidance in getting the cheapest checks possible.Read the rest...

Kids' Birthday Parties: Big Fun on Little Money

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Use these tips and ideas for a fun party without spending too much.

We all want to have the most elaborate parties for our children's birthdays but personal finances do not always allow for that. If you are trying to stick to a budget, or simply do not have much money at all, then you are probably wondering how you can pull it off. It’s important to make sure that these events are something to remember, not just for the birthday girl or boy, but also for you as the parent. After all, children grow up so fast.Read the rest...

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Rent Payments Count towards Your Good Credit

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You Should Be Rewarded for Your Timely Rent Payments!

Rent is the biggest bill we pay each month, and sadly, because of increasing numbers of foreclosures and an unstable real estate market, rental rates have skyrocketed. Getting the rent in on time is getting harder and harder. Fall behind too far and your account can land in the hands of a collection agency. Once that happens, the credit bureaus find out you can’t pay on time and it wrecks your credit. But for those who have been diligently paying on time, it seems there is no reward. No one knows about your diligence.Read the rest...

5 Tax Deductions for Job Seekers

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Some Job Hunting Costs Are Tax Deductible

Trying to find a job is a full-time job in itself. Not only is it a stressful and frustrating experience, often it requires a lot of money. But if you pay attention to how you are seeking employment, and remembering to keep track of what you are spending, much of the costs related to job-hunting can be recouped as tax deductions for job search related expenses. Educating yourself about the things that qualify as a tax deduction can actually save you a lot of money. Here are six things to consider:Read the rest...

5 Steps to Eliminating Credit Card Debt

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Credit card debt got you down? There is a way out!

It happens to us all. We let a little bit of debt sit on our credit cards to get through a tough spot and before we know it, we’re up to our ears in credit card debt. Chances are, you’re not going to win the lottery or inherit a boatload of money from the Uncle Harry you never knew you had. But with a smart plan, you can get out of debt instead of struggling under its heavy weight.Read the rest...