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Money Saving Tips

Tips that save you money!

Money Saving Tips

Would You Believe It? Tax Breaks for Pet Owners!

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pet tax deductionsAmericans spend more than $45 billion each year on pet care. Cut those costs through tax breaks.

True story: One man approached Wyoming CPA Mike Lovelett for some free advice about his taxes. "I've got this problem, and I'm really starting to get nervous about it," he told Lovelett. "Several years ago, I was going to owe some tax, so I put an extra deduction on my tax return. I put my dog on as a dependent." It’s hard to believe someone would get away with such a blatant tax lie, and it’s likely this little “faux paw” (sorry, couldn’t help myself) got the man in a lot of trouble. But there are ways to deduct pet expenses on your taxes without breaking the law.Read the rest...

Rice and Beans: A Great Cheap Meal if You Do It Right

Cheap and easy meal ideas using rice and beans.

Prices across the board seem to be rising rapidly. It seems everything just keeps getting more expensive these days. It's a struggle, especially keeping up with the cost of necessities. One of the biggest things that may be cutting into your monthly finances is the cost of groceries. We all have to eat, and most of us like to eat well, with a little variety. Fortunately, you can shop frugally and to really stretch your dollar, while eating tasty and healthy foods.Read the rest...

Protect Yourself from Data Theft

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Don’t be a target for data thieves (sorry, I had too!)

With the news media reporting the far-reaching damage caused by the data theft of information regarding Target customers before Christmas, many consumers are asking how they can protect themselves from thieves who may be using the data they obtained illegally. There are steps that can be taken that can protect consumers from losses related to any type of data breach, and many of them are very simple to accomplish.Read the rest...

Affordable Exercise - Resistance Band Training

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resistance band exercisesOne cheap tool and endless free exercises.

Are you one of the millions of people who resolved to get fit in the New Year, but aren't a gym rat? Don’t despair because a gym isn’t necessary to get a toned body. You can get a full-body workout at home for less than the cost of a gym membership with the added benefit of being able to take your equipment with you wherever you go. If this piques your interest, then you need to look into resistance band training.Read the rest...

Don’t Spend Money on These Types of Software – Part II

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More Free Fixes for Frustrating Computer Problems

In Part I, I told you about some types of software that do the same things as the expensive stuff, but for free. Here are a few more suggestions for free software to save you a ton.Read the rest...

A New Trend in Affordable Living - Micro-Apartments

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micro apartmentsTiny Spaces for Tiny Budgets

Let's face it. The cost of living today can really do a number on the average budget. Housing costs, in particular, can take an extreme chunk of change from the overall income of the everyday person. Shrinking economies, along with environmental considerations, have led developers to create a new trend in urban living - the micro-apartment. Let's examine this concept and let you decide whether you think it may be something that could work for you.Read the rest...

Eking Extra Cash Out of Your Home: The Risks and Rewards

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Use these tips to make some extra cash using your home.

Despite news reports that the economy is improving, many consumers are still struggling to make ends meet. Whether job loss led to a decrease in income or for those who are simply trying to save money, get out of debt or pay for college, there are some unique ways to use space around the home or items in the home to bring in extra cash.Read the rest...

Don’t Spend Money on These Types of Software – Part I

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Free Fixes for Frustrating Computer Problems

So, as part of your efforts to kick off the new year on a good start, you decide to clean up old programs on your PC that you no longer use. They you run into one that just won’t go. No matter what you do, it still shows up! A search on the Web for a solution will turn up several removal tools, all of them costing you unnecessary dollars. This isn’t the only kind of software you need not pay for. From something as complex as an operating system to software as simple as photo editing, there are free options available for everyone.Read the rest...

Why I'm Glad I Stayed when CapitalOne Bought INGDirect

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capitalone360 vs ingdirectCapitalOne360 still has the look and feel of the bank we knew and loved.

I have to admit, when I wrote about CapitalOne acquiring INGDirect last January, I was seriously thinking about jumping ship. But, I decided to wait it out and see what changes the new ownership brought. I don’t really miss the big orange ball and I have to say CapitalOne360 has brought some new tools to the table that have made me happy, and I have seen very little difference in the customer service provided. I’m glad I stayed and here’s why:Read the rest...

Make Money or Save Money with Private Car Rentals

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private car rentalsFacing a large monthly payment on a car loan? Have an extra car in the garage doing nothing? Need to rent a car in another location for your vacation or for business? Some enterprising companies have come up with an idea for those car owners who would like some extra cash for no labor and renters who want to save money. The system is called Peer-to-Peer and it is quickly gaining popularity, particularly in cities like San Francisco.Read the rest...