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Water Bill Saving Tips

Tips that reduce your water bill and help the environment

Water Bill Tips

don't wash your car at home ... take it to a car wash

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You may feel like you are saving money, or being frugal when you wash your own car at home.  As it turns out, it's quite expensive, both in terms of your water bill, and the impact on the environment. Professional car washes recycle the water they use, with sophisticated systems (even when the guy manning the place doesn't seem so sophisticated). Water is filtered and reused, saving about 100 gallons.

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save your rain water for plants

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Saving water is important, especially in warmer months. Rather than facing a fine during water bans or ratchet up your water bill, you can find ways to re-use water around the house for watering plants and gardens. Here are some handy ideas for catching wasted water and using it for other purposes. Read the rest...

Save Water with Low-Flow Shower Heads and Other Gadgets

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The average shower head uses 5 gallons of water per minute (gpm) while a low flow model will deliver 2.5 gpm or less. For an investment of  around $10 -$20 you can save $50-$75 per year on your water bill and $20-$50 or more per year on heating bills ( for the hot water ), depending on your current showerhead and utility rates. Similar to the aerators you see on kitchen sink faucets, low-flow shower heads work by restricting the flow of water and mixing more air into the water stream.Here are some other sources of wasted water in your bathroom and gadgets that can help you fix them.

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Sneaky ways to reduce your water bill

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Water, Water, everywhere... but not a drop to spare. Apart from the fact that water is one of the most precious and depleting resources, it can also be expensive. How do you save money on this bill?, It's not a luxury item, or even optional service like cable or internet.Read the rest...

10 ways to save energy while doing laundry

Looking to save money when doing your laundry, or perhaps contribute to a greener planet? We've compiled a great list of the top 10 ways to save money, and energy while doing your laundry...Read the rest...