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Travel Tips

Save money on air fares, hotels, car rental, and more.

Tips to save on Travel and Vacations.  Need a break?  We've got tips and tricks to have that vacation getaway you've always wanted without going broke in the process.  Save money on airfares, hotels, vacation packages, and more.

A Family Summer Vacation on the Cheap

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cheap vacation, summer vacation, family vacationDo as the locals do or be a tourist in your own town.

What are your vacation plans for the summer? Have you already resolved that an expensive vacation is out of the question? Well, that doesn’t mean your vacation has to suck. You could enjoy an amazing summer vacation for a lot less than you think. There are tons of possibilities for taking a cheap vacation this summer, but they all boil down to two basic strategies:Read the rest...

Moving Abroad to Save on Cost of Living? What You Need to Know

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cost of living abroadMany U.S. citizens consider living abroad. For some, the declining U.S. economy coupled with salary freezes and price increases on consumer goods spawn the idea. For others, the outrageous cost of health care drives their decision. In many instances, the cost of living abroad is much less expensive than living in the U.S.Read the rest...

Swap Houses and Get a Cheap Vacation

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Have you ever wanted to spend a romantic week in Paris or Venice, go skiing in Aspen or visit the mighty China? Everyone without exception fantasizes of visiting foreign places and going on vacation of their dreams. The major hindrance is typically the limited budget. Decent accommodations are expensive and combined with the cost of travel, meals and entertainment, usually prevent many families from vacationing as often as they would like. Now there is a method of affordable travel without losing your shirt in the process. The growing community of house swappers makes it possible to see the world within your financial means.Read the rest...

Vacation for Free this Summer by Volunteering

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As tourist and vacation season rolls around, many families are making the tough decision to omit this year's family vacation because it's just not in the budget. Some families are staying local, making the "stay-cation" grow in popularity. Other families enjoy camping, hiking, picnicking and other activities that cost little to nothing. But there is another option you may not have considered...volunteerism.Read the rest...

Planning a Summer Vacation: How to Start Saving

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With spring well underway and most school semesters drawing to a close, many people are looking forward to summer as a time for vacations and relaxations. While summer vacations are a long-standing family tradition, they can strain the pocketbook, especially in a troubled economy.

Between gas prices, food, lodging and entertainment costs, even a simple vacation can quickly escalate into a prohibitively expensive affair. Fortunately, with a little forethought and planning, you can set aside money for a dream vacation and cut vacation costs. Read the rest...

Where Can you Live Comfortably for $1000 per Month?

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Footloose freelancers and creative retirees have been enjoying a comfortable standard of living for years by relocating and living well overseas. Many live a Western lifestyle on $1000 or less per month, and enjoy living in great accommodation, eating well, going out regularly and indulging in creature comforts from home.Read the rest...

Never Pay Face Value for These 7 Expenses

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If there is one thing that the rich know that most of us do not, it is that many of the prices and fees that we think are set in stone are actually not. There is wiggle room in the lives of most people to save a little money - all you have to do is realize that everyone has bills to pay, and most folks that you deal with would rather make a sale than argue over a few bucks.

If you make arguing over a few bucks your way of life, pretty soon it starts adding up. Get to know the average wiggle room available for certain services. Here are some things for which you should never pay face value.Read the rest...

Bridesmaid on a Budget: How to Cope with a Costly Wedding

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Always the bridesmaid and always broke? It is no wonder with the average bridesmaid spending close to $1,700 based on a 2010 study. Expenses including dresses, shoes, jewelry, travel, lodging, and the bridal shower can really add up. Of course, not all brides choose the most expensive of everything, but there is really no way to know when asked to be in a wedding.

When you accept, you are accepting not only the duty and responsibility, but the financial burden as well. While you may be more than willing to do these things for your friend, there is no reason to go into debt for a wedding that is not even yours. If you cannot afford it and you know it, say so politely. You may get an offer for help, but if not, walk away with your checkbook intact. Of course, if this is your sister asking you, saying no is a lot harder.Read the rest...

Free Admission to National Parks in April Vacation: Some Restrictions Apply

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The United States is home to 394 federally run national parks. Every state has at least one, and most states have several. If you are ready to enjoy the warmer spring weather outdoors in a wonderful environment without spending too much money, you might want to schedule your trip for mid-April. Read the rest...

Tips for Traveling

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Even when times are tight, a chance to take a vacation away from the regular routine is a priceless way to renew your energy so that you can tackle all of your commitments with renewed vigor once you return home. With a little bit of extra planning, it is possible to take that much-needed vacation without breaking the bank. Whether your idea of an escape includes flying to exotic locations alone or taking your entire family on a road trip across the country, these tips will help you keep your costs down during your travels.Read the rest...