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Small Business Tips

Money saving tips for small business...

Own a small business?  We've got in-dept coverage of benefits from the SBA, tips for filing your business taxes, stories that cover the differences between an LLC, sole proprietorship, and a corporation, and dozens of other helpful articles for the budding entrepreneur.

Want to Flip Used Cars on eBay? Not So Fast!

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selling used cars on ebayBecoming a used car deal on eBay isn’t as easy as it looks.

In many Internet circles, eBay is known as a goldmine for both sellers who want to maximize their profits and buyers who want to get the best bang for their buck. If you’re thinking about jumping into the eBay trend with used car sales, don’t rush off to upload your ad just yet. Browsing through eBay’s auto listings will tell you that plenty of sellers are confident enough to auction off expensive cars and rare auto parts, but you have to remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean you should do the same.Read the rest...

Buying Your First Investment Property: Tips for Success

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rental investment propertyHow to make sure your first property investment brings in a profit.

New investors often have a hard time figuring out where to put their money. Interest rates haven’t been exciting for a long time leaving many wondering, “Isn’t there a better way?” Of course there is. But with greater reward comes greater risk. Here’s how to get into property as an investment while minimizing the risk.

Rental properties have always been a strong source of income for investors. They offer a steady stream of income with a high profit margin. With a tight rental market and buyer’s real estate market, it makes sense to jump in on your first investment property now. As long as you manage it wisely, you enjoy greater financial gain and more stability than most other financial investment options. Read the rest...

Cheap Computing - Tablets as Laptops?

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Save about $300 and gain versatility by using your tablet as if it were a laptop.

Tablets are becoming the first choice for casual computing. They’re compact, easy to use and cheaper than the average computer. But even business users may find tablets taking over their work lives as these devices become faster, smarter and more versatile. Because tablets are cheaper than laptops, business users can save a good chunk of change by using a tablet as a laptop with just a few small changes.Read the rest...

Is Crowdfunding the Right Future for American Higher Education?

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For some, crowdfunding is ideal. For others, not so much.

If you've never heard of crowdfunding for education, you're not alone. It’s a relatively new trend that has mushroomed over the last couple of years. You have probably heard of crowdfunding for startups and independent artists. But with the high cost of education and increasing difficulties in paying for that education, more students are looking to investors found through crowdfunding platforms focused on higher education.Read the rest...

Self-Employed Retirement Plans – SEP or 401(k)?

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self employment,. retirement, 401k, iraWhen the SEP-IRA outperforms an individual 401(k)

How long have you had your business now? How many years have you been self-employed? If you're like most sole proprietors, you've understood the importance of socking away some of your income for retirement, yet you've just never looked into it to see what option makes sense for you. Maybe you have been setting money aside but didn’t realize you had options. Perhaps you never got around to actually saving anything. Either way, now is a good time to know your retirement plan options.Read the rest...

Out Side the Box Money Tips for Small Businesses

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Sometimes, when you want to save your business money, you need to step outside of the box. Conventional money saving wisdom does not always save small businesses enough money, particularly during the early days of the business. After all, for small businesses, saving money is the ability to spend more money on company growth. Thinking out-of-the-box can fill the gap by reducing expenses, increasing profits and allowing for company growth.Read the rest...

How to Turn Irregular Income Into a Dependable Salary

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As a blogger over the last five years, I’ve learned some hard lessons about managing money. Self-employment means income is irregular and occasionally non-existent. Income can rise and fall sharply in an instant, making it hard to plan ahead. Go through a few cycles of income spikes and drops and you figure out how to even things out so you don’t starve during lean times. Here’s what’s worked for me to turn my irregular income into a regular salary:Read the rest...

DIY - Is It Time to Make Your Own Job?

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With unemployment being at the eight percent mark or above now month after month, job security is no longer a benefit that anyone enjoys. If you are currently unemployed and looking for work, starting a business may be the best option for you. Many self-employment opportunities are available and affordable for everyone.Read the rest...

Have a Great Idea but No Money? Try Kickstarter

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For those who have creative projects from video games to novels, Kickstarter is a great potential funding option. Every part of the creative process needs an infusion of cash to get it off the ground. Social funding, or “crowd funding” as it is sometimes called, is relatively new, but it works well.

Over history, many great ideas never gained traction for a simple lack of funds. Crowd funding gives idea makers a way to create interest in an idea as well as find the funds needed to make it a reality. You no longer have an excuse not to try out a new idea for a gadget.  You don’t have to win a spot on a reality show or spend thousands of your own money getting the product off the ground.  The help you need is at your fingertips.Read the rest...

Small Business Idea: Be a Local Tour Guide

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Becoming a Tour Guide is not only a fun way to earn an income, but it’s also a very flexible one. You can make it a full time occupation or just a part time job, and you can do it out of a home office. You can set your own hours and choose your own touring routes and fees.Read the rest...