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Retirement and Investing Tips

Tips for investments and a comfortable retirement.

Need some helpful tips on how to retire, or invest for your future retirement? We've got dozens of well-written articles that cover the common, and not so common, things you need to know about your nest egg.  Remember, you're never too young to start planning for the future.

Looking for a Cheap Way to Invest? How Does Free Sound?

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New stock-buying options for those with just a little to invest.

Regular consumers have been cautious about investing in stocks for years. While there's a lot of money to be made, the potential comes with a great amount of risk. With the steady rise of the market after the 2008 recession, a new form of stocks have begun to take shape: Bundled stocks trading with no fees attached. Read the rest...

Obama's New MyRA Program – A Step in the Right Direction

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MyRA will at least get more people thinking about retirement, even if it won’t really prepare them.

Saving for retirement is one of the most important things you can do to secure your financial future. Unfortunately, many Americans do not do so. One reason is that half of all workers don’t have access to traditional 401(k) retirement programs. President Barack Obama recently introduced a new program to give more people access to 401(k) programs. Called the MyRA, the new program has some shortcomings, won’t really prepare anyone for retirement, but is still a step in the right direction.Read the rest...

Rolling over Your 401(k) - What to do and Mistakes to Avoid

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Avoid tax problems and lost opportunities by doing it right.

Retirement accounts, especially 401(k) investment accounts, can be tricky to understand. Many people in the United States enroll themselves in a 401(k) retirement account to save for the golden years after a lifetime of work. If you're leaving your current job and starting work with a new employer that offers 401(k) retirement options, you need to know how to roll over your current account into a new account, and what mistakes could potentially cost you a lot of money.Read the rest...

Self-Employed Retirement Plans – SEP or 401(k)?

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self employment,. retirement, 401k, iraWhen the SEP-IRA outperforms an individual 401(k)

How long have you had your business now? How many years have you been self-employed? If you're like most sole proprietors, you've understood the importance of socking away some of your income for retirement, yet you've just never looked into it to see what option makes sense for you. Maybe you have been setting money aside but didn’t realize you had options. Perhaps you never got around to actually saving anything. Either way, now is a good time to know your retirement plan options.Read the rest...

The Death of Pensions and the American Retirement Dream

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retirement savingsHow to keep your retirement savings alive and kicking

A recent study shows that late baby boomers and Gen X are on track to replace only 50 percent of their current income when they reach retirement. Most financial experts believe that number should be closer to 70 percent. Many in those generations will seriously need to consider downgrading their lifestyles come retirement if they don’t start changing things right now. Before the recession, war babies, Depression babies and early boomers were on course to replace 82 percent, 86 percent and 99 percent of their income, respectively. Why are current generations finding it so difficult to save enough money for retirement?Read the rest...

Inheritance: Don't Leave the Wrong Financial Legacy to Your Kids

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A financial legacy should include knowledge before money.

Many parents and grandparents spend too much time worrying about the financial legacy they will leave their families after they pass away. They have spent their lives building a large inheritance they believe will be best way to provide for their families. But if they don’t teach their heirs valuable lessons about money management beforehand, those heirs may find themselves harmed by a large inheritance more than they are helped. Read the rest...

Getting the Most Social Security Income Possible

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How and when you file social security can garner you thousands more in annual income.

When it comes to retirement, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is when to claim Social Security. Too often, people jump the gun and make the wrong choice, finding themselves up to their ears in money worries and less money to spend during retirement. The Social Security program is complicated and confusing, so it is easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with decisions about when and how to file and get your Social Security benefits. Here are some ways that you can make sure you are receiving the most Social Security income possible:Read the rest...

4 Options to Lower Funeral Costs

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lower funeral costsGetting over the taboo surrounding end of life planning and looking into these options will help you lower funeral costs.

Death is a difficult time for all families. The loss can be unbearable. Then, at the absolute worst moment in your life, you face the pressure of funeral expenses. Your religious background or just sense of tradition may sway you towards a traditional burial, one of the most costly ways to honor our passed loved ones.Read the rest...

5 Reasons Seniors Neglect Their Retirement Savings

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1. “I'm helping my kid pay for college.”
Sure; higher education costs money, but so does retirement. A 2012 Fidelity survey showed the average family pays for approximately 57% of the total cost of their children’s college education. While this is a noble act, this shouldn’t directly affect the expenses in saving for one’s retirement.
Read the rest...

Social Security's New Outlook for 2013

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In the year of 2013, some changes are coming to the Social Security program. Some of these changes will be significant, others will be small. Overall, you're expected to pay in more, but your benefits will also increase. These changes reflect a higher cost of living and the economic reallities Americans face right now.Read the rest...