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All of our money-saving tips that didn't cleanly into an existing category.

Relax, You've Got Time - Two Great Options to Replace Windows XP

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Windows XP users, you’ve known this day was coming eventually. 

You resisted Vista and Windows 7 and you were right to do so. Windows XP turned out to be a reasonably robust platform with few of the more laughable problems in the Windows history. But Microsoft really, really wants you to move to the Windows 8, make that Windows 8.1, operating system, which costs $120 - $200 depending on if you need the regular or Pro version. Then there are all the peripheral devices that may not be compatible with the new operating system. See the problem? Already there’s a fix.Read the rest...

Affordable Exercise - Resistance Band Training

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resistance band exercisesOne cheap tool and endless free exercises.

Are you one of the millions of people who resolved to get fit in the New Year, but aren't a gym rat? Don’t despair because a gym isn’t necessary to get a toned body. You can get a full-body workout at home for less than the cost of a gym membership with the added benefit of being able to take your equipment with you wherever you go. If this piques your interest, then you need to look into resistance band training.Read the rest...

A New Trend in Affordable Living - Micro-Apartments

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micro apartmentsTiny Spaces for Tiny Budgets

Let's face it. The cost of living today can really do a number on the average budget. Housing costs, in particular, can take an extreme chunk of change from the overall income of the everyday person. Shrinking economies, along with environmental considerations, have led developers to create a new trend in urban living - the micro-apartment. Let's examine this concept and let you decide whether you think it may be something that could work for you.Read the rest...

Eking Extra Cash Out of Your Home: The Risks and Rewards

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Use these tips to make some extra cash using your home.

Despite news reports that the economy is improving, many consumers are still struggling to make ends meet. Whether job loss led to a decrease in income or for those who are simply trying to save money, get out of debt or pay for college, there are some unique ways to use space around the home or items in the home to bring in extra cash.Read the rest...

After Christmas Sales Aren't Such a Big Deal - Wait for the Really Great Stuff!

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after christmas sales

A few good deals are to be had right after Christmas, but if you can wait two weeks, you'll do even better.

If you haven’t been out to spend your Christmas gift cards or return gifts that aren’t quite your style because you’ve been at work or otherwise occupied, don’t worry. You’re not missing too much. In fact, depending on what you want to buy, you may be better off avoiding the return rush altogether and waiting another 2 weeks before you bring back merchandise or spend your gift cards. Here’s the scoop on what to shop for now with your gift cards and merchandise credits, and what you should wait to buy.Read the rest...

Getting the Best Price on Major Appliances

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cheap appliancesIf you’ve already figured out you can’t fix that broken washer, it’s time to find an affordable replacement.

This is a follow-up to my post, “How to Save Money by Fixing Household Appliances Yourself,” focusing on finding out what’s wrong with that washer, dryer or dishwasher before you shell out big bucks on a repairman. Sometimes through this process, you find out it’s not worth repair and needs replacement. Don’t stop saving money there! Here’s how you can keep saving by finding affordable appliances.Read the rest...

Planning a Move? Start Now to Save Big on the Cost

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cheaper moving expensesSmart planning saves you money on your move.

Relocating to a new home is notoriously expensive. From packing supplies at inflated prices to moving during the busiest time of the year, a few bad choices can cost you big in moving expenses. The good news is that you can keep your moving costs low. Whether downsizing to a small one-bedroom apartment or moving your big family into a large house, planning ahead and following a few money-saving tips can help you plan a stress-free move on any budget.Read the rest...

If You Really Mean It, You'll Follow these Tips for Better Financial Choices

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better choicesIf you really want to make a financial change, you need to give the idea more than lip service. It’s one thing to daydream about better days. It’s another to actually make them come true. If you are serious about your commitment, put the action behind your goal-making. Here are five tips to help you make better choices along the way to your brighter future.Read the rest...

Make Your Kitchen Beautiful Again without Spending a Fortune

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diy, kitchen, cheap remodelThese simple and cheap fixes can make your kitchen beautiful again.

If your home is in need of some updates but you do not want to spend a fortune, consider making some low-cost updates to your kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, and you will get the greatest impact from remodeling your kitchen. Rather than start an expensive remodeling job in your kitchen, consider these low-cost ideas that will make a big impact in the style of your kitchen.Read the rest...

Keep Your Home Safe Without Wasting Thousands on a Home Security System

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home security diyProactive and Cheap Home Security

You already know that a sophisticated home security system is a no-brainer when it comes to property protection, but what if you can’t afford it? The cost of the system itself, professional installation fees and ongoing services charges can take a big chunk out of your monthly budget. If you’re worried about burglaries and your family’s safety, don’t panic just yet. Securing your home from unwanted intruders doesn’t have to break your bank account, and you can do the work yourself in just a few days. Read the rest...