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Insurance expenses are one of the easiest areas to extract a little savings in your monthly spend.  Whether it's auto, life, health,or home, we've got the right tips to help you reduce your costs without adding undue risk.  Find out how to go beyond the basics, and find real ways to reduce your premiums.

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Would You Exercise More to Save Money on Health Insurance?

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Obese participants in one health insurance program showed that most of us would!

A new study shows forcing people to choose between a hike in health insurance premiums or to participate in exercise, they choose to save the money. In a controversial move, an insurance company began implementing this type of program for obese members… and it worked.Read the rest...

What The?!? Your Finances Influence Your Car Insurance Rates More than Your Driving Does!

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car insurance ratesMandatory liability car insurance could be one more way corporations make the poor pay more, while the rich get a free ride. According to a recent study by the Consumer Federation of America, an executive will pay up to 68 percent less for car insurance than his or her secretary, even if the secretary is a better driver. In fact, the study clearly shows that with four out of five of the leading car insurance companies, people who rent and not own, don’t have a college degree and have an average paying job automatically pay more than educated homeowners with good jobs.Read the rest...

Why You Need to Know the Difference Between PMI and PPI

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protection insuranceIf you’re anything like most borrowers, you seldom pay attention to the details of the financial documents you sign. Whether you’re sitting in front of a desk listening to a mortgage title specialist or completing an online credit card application, what you don’t know may cost you money. After all, who has the time or patience to check the small print? Throw in a few fast talking sales representatives, and all of a sudden your budget is seriously out of whack!Read the rest...

Women Hit Hardest by Soaring Medical Costs

The highlighted story of Catherine Lovazzano in NBC news blog caught many reader’s attentions. She is one of those women who ended up in debt because of her medical expenses. A number of recent studies reveal that women are affected most by increasing healthcare costs.Read the rest...

Life Insurance: Myths vs. Truths

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While it is true that life insurance is an important part of keeping your dependents financially protected, it is not the right choice for everyone. If your dependents are independently solvent, there is no reason for you to pay for a life insurance policy. The myth that everyone needs to carry life insurance is one of the most common misconceptions about insurance coverage. Here are a few often-misunderstood truths.
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Why You Should Never Skip Employer Disability Insurance

Posted In:  insurance

Johnathan White had been coaching college volleyball for eight years when a collision at practice left him with two broken legs requiring surgery. What was expected to be a routine medical procedure became complicated, and it was four weeks before Johnathan was released from the hospital, with instructions to recover at home for another two more weeks.Read the rest...

Applying for Health or Life Insurance? FAQS about the MIB

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Many people are not aware of the centralized insurance reporting agency called the "MIB".  In the same way that lenders use a credit reporting agency to "check your credit history" before issuing a loan, insurance companies check with the "MIB" before providing you with a life or health insurance agency.  And, just as with the credit bureaus, incorrect information in your records can end up costing you...either in increased premiums, or even being denied insurance altogether.   Here's a set of answers to the most commonly asked questions about the MIB.

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Uninsured? Save Money With A Local Clinic

The latest figures from the United States Census Bureau are from 2008. As of September of 2010, 50.7 million Americans have no health care insurance. The reasons for this are many and they are grim. Employers cutting jobs, companies eliminating health care insurance for employees, families cutting insurance coverage to cut costs, the escalating cost of health care are just a few. It's been three years since the recession began and presently, there is no end in sight. The talking heads on TV say there is some evidence that the recession is over, but the fifty million uninsured Americans haven't seen that evidence.Read the rest...

Cell Phone Insurance - Do You Really Need It?

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There is no doubt that cell phones have become an integral part of most people's daily lives. The phones in use today do far more than just place and receive calls. Many of them are small hand-held computers that contain important contact information for friends and family as well as fun games, reading material, and financial tools. Cell phones are used to post and read comments on social networking sites as well as keep track of business email from anywhere. For the first time, smart phone sales have actually outpaced computer sales.Read the rest...

How to Ace Your Life Insurance Exam

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Getting a great rate on your life insurance usually means passing a physical exam with flying colors. This can make many of us anxious before a physical. But you can relax knowing just what they'll check for and what you can do to prepare. In fact, these suggestions are all good ways to stay healthy in general, so it's good practice to make them regular habits in your everyday life!Read the rest...