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Hospital and Medical Tips

Save money on medical bills, prescriptions, hospital bills...

With the cost of medical insurance going up every year, it's time to take control of your hospital and medical expenses.  We've got dozens of great tips on how to reduce your premiums, get great medical care at a lower cost, and how to work with your doctor to find creative, lower-cost solutions to health care.

Flexible Spending Account Use it or Lose it Rules Easing Up

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fsa flexible spending rules

Welcome changes to flexible spending accounts

Thanks to new rules, Flexible Spending Accounts are increasing their flexibility. The government isn't exactly known for going in and making things more user friendly and less restrictive. If you hear that they're changing the way they tax your money you instinctively grip your wallet more tightly. If you hear that it will affect your health care your knuckles turn white as you break into a light sweat. But, for once, you need not worry about this change. It’s in your favor most of the time and even when it’s not, it does no harm.Read the rest...

5 Smart Habits that Benefit Your Health and Your Wallet

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thrifty and healthy habitsSpend less and enjoy better health with these thrifty habits.

It’s no surprise that you should opt for the treadmill instead of large fries when trying to lose weight. While you may be tired of hearing about the importance of wellness and health, what would you say if you realized that there are also financial benefits to forming health habits? Many of the virtues often asserted by fitness fanatics come with the added bonus of making sure your wallet stays full. Succumbing to these money-saving health habits is like killing two skinless, boneless birds with one stone:Read the rest...

Obamacare's Financial Impact Whether You Work for Yourself or Someone Else

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With jobs trending towards self-employment, it’s important everyone understand the changes coming.

President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) has many concerned about the changes that lay ahead. This major upheaval to healthcare coverage is already influencing the makeup of the American workplace, suggesting a possible increase in self-employment opportunities in the near future. While those who have never been self-employed may bristle at the thought, the ACA may actually make it easier for workers to pursue self-employment options. Read the rest...

Is Donating Your Eggs Worth the Extra $5,000 to $8,000? Think First!

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You may have seen ads in your newspaper or heard clinics advising on the radio, urging you to donate eggs and earn $5,000. The process can sound tempting because donating could generate enough money to pay for a car or for a semester of school. Before you answer that ad, you have to ask yourself whether going through the egg donation process is worth the money you'll earn. It’s a lot more complicated than sperm donation and comes with serious risks.Read the rest...

Save Money on Prescriptions

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It is estimated that there are about 4 million uninsured people living in the state of Massachusetts. A good portion of these people need medications to help them keep up a good quality of life. Massachusetts residents were not able to use coupons to buy discount medications until the newest budget law was put in place.Read the rest...

Women Hit Hardest by Soaring Medical Costs

The highlighted story of Catherine Lovazzano in NBC news blog caught many reader’s attentions. She is one of those women who ended up in debt because of her medical expenses. A number of recent studies reveal that women are affected most by increasing healthcare costs.Read the rest...

Will Obama Care Hurt or Help Your Finances?

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Although many have faced the Affordable Healthcare Act with skepticism and reluctance, it was passed on June 28 and seems here to stay. As states prepare to launch the state-funded health insurance exchange, individuals are left wondering what will happen to their finances now that they are required to buy insurance. People who already receive health insurance benefits through their employers will generally feel few effects because of the law. All employers will be required to offer health insurance, and the premiums for group health plans should not be dramatically different from those offered now.Read the rest...

Earn Free Stuff for Good Health

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It has become apparent in the last ten years or so that making healthy choices results in overall good health. Perhaps Benjamin Franklin said it best back in the eighteenth century when he professed, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In general, Americans strayed away from that old adage as the conveniences of modern-day fast food and processed goods took over. Somehow, we've ended up back where we began. More people are realizing the benefits of staying healthy to prevent illness and injury and to temper the high costs of healthcare. Many industries are jumping on board by rewarding customers for making healthy choices. Health insurance and credit card companies are among those offering customer rewards.Read the rest...

5 Tips for Cutting the Cost of Medical Bills

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Struggling under the pressure of medical bills? You're not alone. Medical bills can be frustrating. Even with insurance, copays and deductibles can add up fast. Plus, medical bills are often the result of a sickness or injury, which aren't exactly planned expenses. When you or a family member have been sick or even hospitalized, being hit with a huge medical bill can really feel like a double whammy.Read the rest...

7 Ways to Save Money Using Mouthwash as a Home Remedy and Cleaner

People are looking for anyway that they can save money from their monthly household allowance. Surprising to find that the mouthwash you use every day could also be used for many things other than cleaning your mouth of germs. Actually, the many uses for mouthwash can save your household allowance a lot of money.

 The properties of mouthwash were first used in the medical field as a surgical antiseptic, and these same unique properties can help you to save money around the house. Here is a list of uses for mouthwash that is sure to amaze you, and save you money by replacing many expensive cleaning products, with the mouthwash sitting in your bathroom.Read the rest...