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Family Saving Tips

Save on expenses for kids, babies, and families

Financial Security Tips for One-Income Families

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Providing for a family on one income can be done, but it requires some planning. Many people reduce their budgets to one income out of sudden necessity without the luxury to reorganize their lives before half their income is gone. Others are fortunate enough to cut out one income by choice. Whether you’re an accidental one-income family or you’re living on a single income by choice, these tips can help you transition from two salaries to one.
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Life Insurance: A Safety Net for Unmarried Couples

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Many couples are either choosing to remained unmarried or are blocked from marriage due to existing laws banning same-sex marriage. Regardless of the reason for remaining unwedded, these couples experience unique difficulties when facing the death of one member of the partnership. Life insurance, both term and whole, can provide much needed financial security and asset protection after the death of one half of an unmarried couple.Read the rest...

Wedding Economics: 11 Tips to Save Big Money on Your Big Day

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The dress. The food. The venue. The flowers. Weddings don't come with one big price tag; they come with a hundred little price tags that can add up to a mind-blowing sum. If you're searching for ways to cut back on your wedding expenses, consider these 10 money-saving ideas.Read the rest...

Homemade Dog FoodTreats Yom Wallet and Your Best Friend

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In this fast paced world of ours, we all welcome shortcuts and quick fixes. It’s a no-brainer to grab 7-10 cans of dog food and throw them into your grocery cart. Buy one, get one free; instant savings; and 20% more included are all common marketing phrases used to help you determine which dog food to buy at the market.Read the rest...

Learn To Save Money as a Single Parent

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Saving money when you are supporting yourself is hard. Trying to cut back on expenses when you are a single parent is even harder. However, there are a few ways that you can provide for your family without breaking the bank. By saving on smaller expenses instead of focusing on large bills, you may find that these little ways add up. Make sure you put any money you save into the bank.Read the rest...

Hands Down, the Smartest Investment for Young Adults

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In an increasingly complex economic market, it is tough for young adults, especially, to decide how to invest for the future. There are many different options out there, from stocks and bonds to real estate to business investment opportunities. But none of these options for investing pays the same dividends as a college education. Many young people today, however, enter the workforce rather than pursue a college education. They assume they can't afford a postsecondary education in the current economy.Read the rest...

What to Look For in a 529 Plan

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A 529 plan is a vehicle to save for future education expenses. Each state has its own 529 plan, but since there are no residency restrictions, an investor in Texas can sign up for the California-sponsored 529 plan, for example. With 50 different states to compare, an investor can face a challenge in picking the right plan. Because there are also no income limits and a wide-range of eligible education expenses, every person may be able to benefit in some way from a 529.Read the rest...

Bridesmaid on a Budget: How to Cope with a Costly Wedding

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Always the bridesmaid and always broke? It is no wonder with the average bridesmaid spending close to $1,700 based on a 2010 study. Expenses including dresses, shoes, jewelry, travel, lodging, and the bridal shower can really add up. Of course, not all brides choose the most expensive of everything, but there is really no way to know when asked to be in a wedding.

When you accept, you are accepting not only the duty and responsibility, but the financial burden as well. While you may be more than willing to do these things for your friend, there is no reason to go into debt for a wedding that is not even yours. If you cannot afford it and you know it, say so politely. You may get an offer for help, but if not, walk away with your checkbook intact. Of course, if this is your sister asking you, saying no is a lot harder.Read the rest...

Got Kids? Married Couples with Kids Make More than Live-ins

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The discussion about moving in together before marriage or getting married and then moving in together is one of modern society. For many couples, the choice to move in together is partly based on the idea of saving more money by sharing expenses. While two people living in the same house is not the same as one person, by sharing the cost of rent, utilities, furniture and other similar expenses, two people living together ultimately can save more money.Read the rest...

Five Free Activities for Kids during Summer Vacation

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It’s summer, the kids are out of school, and it’s time to find something fun to do. The only problem is that all that summer fun can get expensive. While amusement parks, hotels, and baseball games can make a major dent in your wallet, there are many great free activities available for kids of all ages.Read the rest...