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Family Saving Tips

Save on expenses for kids, babies, and families

An extensive collection of money-saving tips for families.  Cut costs for entertainment, diapers, pet care, household expenses, and more. Avice not just on budgeting and living more frugally...we cover how to have fun as well, without breaking the bank.

Would You Believe It? Tax Breaks for Pet Owners!

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pet tax deductionsAmericans spend more than $45 billion each year on pet care. Cut those costs through tax breaks.

True story: One man approached Wyoming CPA Mike Lovelett for some free advice about his taxes. "I've got this problem, and I'm really starting to get nervous about it," he told Lovelett. "Several years ago, I was going to owe some tax, so I put an extra deduction on my tax return. I put my dog on as a dependent." It’s hard to believe someone would get away with such a blatant tax lie, and it’s likely this little “faux paw” (sorry, couldn’t help myself) got the man in a lot of trouble. But there are ways to deduct pet expenses on your taxes without breaking the law.Read the rest...

Saying No to Your Kids Doesn't Have to Be Painful

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toys kids shoppingIt's not just about saving money... it's about saving your kids!

We all love our kids and want them to be happy. That makes it so hard to say no to them… so much harder than they realize. They ask for so darn much, not realizing that you have to say no most of the time. If you give them whatever they ask for, they won’t grow to be well-adjusted adults. So, they ask, you say no, and they keep on asking until you blow a gasket. With the right approach, you and your kids can better understand each other’s concerns and struggle less with this age-old problem.Read the rest...

The FTC Cracks Down on Funerals Taking Advantage of Mourning Families

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funeral lawsProtect Yourself from Unfair Funeral Practices

Every year investigators for the Federal Trade Commission go undercover canvassing a range of funeral homes across the country. This rigorous quality control measure is sadly called for as not all funeral providers abide by the rules. This year, the results of the investigation proved that many funeral parlors fail to conduct their business along the lines of the FTC’s Funeral Rule.Read the rest...

Do You Have Too Much House?

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house size, lifestyelLook at your living area and see if too much space is limiting your life.

Bigger is not always better! When it comes to home ownership bigger may mean big problems, big responsibilities and big money leaving your bank account on a daily basis. It’s time to challenge your believes about what the “good life” means and refocus whether you want to put family first, or just appearances. The size of the home you choose has an enormous impact on both your finances and your lifestyle.Read the rest...

Granny Scams: Summer is High Season

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scams, elderly, grandparentsBe aware of the worst scams so you can help prevent them.

No, I'm not talking about roving gangs of grannies like in the Monty Python sketch. This is about those scams that target our elderly loved ones. Summertime is prime scamming season. While “granny scams” top the list, scams are rampant everywhere. Despite warnings targeted at potential elderly victims, people still fall prey. It’s also important that adult children become aware of the tactics scammers use to bilk older adults out of their hard-earned funds.Read the rest...

Kids' Allowance Goes High Tech

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allowance, kids, appsUse technology to make managing your kids' allowance easier.

Keeping track of allowance when you have even one child is a chore in itself. Doing it with several whining, begging, pleading brats is impossible. I’m not saying your kids are brats. I’m just saying kids tend to whine, cajole and manipulate parents at every turn. It’s a part of growing up and learning the rules. But teaching kids how money works in the real world, traditionally done by offering an allowance, is really, really hard with all those pesky distractions. Lucky for us, smart phones make it easier.Read the rest...

Off the Wall, Fun and Affordable Father's Day Ideas

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fathers dayNot your ordinary Father's Day ideas!

Dad's big day is coming up, but you're not in the mood for the standard fishing/hiking/camping activities, and you don't have a lot of cash to blow on him? It's cool... You guys can still have a good time without spending a ton of money on the latest grill gadget or space age wallet. Here are four fun ways to change things up a little this year.

1. Backyard BBQ LessonsRead the rest...

Pants and Apron Strings - When a Wife Earns More than Her Husband

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Managing the awkward transition when the woman becomes the primary earner.

My husband and I often joke that he wears the pants and the apron strings in our family. We certainly don't hang our hats on traditional roles here. While he is currently our primary earner, there have been periods when I took on that role. We each take on roles best suited to us at the time. That has evovled into a mixed bag of household chores that have nothing to do with our roles as man or woman. Our family style is becoming more common and some families aren't handling the transition as easily as we have.Read the rest...

Early Learning: Is ABCMouse the Best Deal?

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Parents want the best for their kids and one of the best gifts a parent can give a child is an education. With the power of a good education, the world is their oyster. The better the education, the more choices the child will have as they enter the adult world and pursue careers, lifestyles and happiness. So, it’s important they embrace education.Read the rest...

Upromise: How Much Can You Save for Your Child's College Education?

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I’ve saved thousands for my son’s college education without really trying. See how you can do the same.

Saving for your child's education is an overwhelming process. College-tuition fees go up yearly, and it is impossible to guess how much tuition will cost once your child reaches the age for attending college. This is where Upromise comes in to help. Upromise is a program that will help you save money for your child's tuition.Read the rest...