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Energy Saving Tips

Save on electric bills, natural gas, heating and cooling...

Cold Getting Too Much? Choosing a Safe and Affordable Space Heater

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space heater tipsBe Safe, Be Warm, Be Frugal

As people suffer through one of the coldest winters on record in recent years, many are seeking additional ways to heat their homes at the lowest cost. Fuel prices continue to soar and electric bills rise as family members battle over thermostats, attempting to keep the temperatures inside comfortable when the air outside is frigid. One method for keeping the temperature comfortable throughout the home is by using space heaters, but be careful to use them correctly.Read the rest...

How to Get More Heat from Your Fireplace, with Less Fuss

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fireplace efficiencyHome Heating Solutions for Tighter Budgets

Fires can burn very hot, making them still a good heating solution. If you don’t have the budget for a fireplace insert this year, use the gravity technique to burn hotter fires that will heat your house longer. Some call it a log-cabin stack. Whatever you call it, it’s a hotter fire and it needs less of your time and attention to keep it going.Read the rest...

How to Save on Heat When You Rent

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home heat energyIn a rental, you can’t make big changes, but there are still many ways to stop heat leaks.

I told you about my recent unfortunately experiences with being house poor. At this point, I’m on my own, in a much more affordable house for the winter. I lucked into a furnished off-season rental, almost the same size as my old home, but half the rent cost. I don’t have to worry about buying furniture for at least 9 months. Some winter rentals are 3-season cottages that were never meant for winter habitation. If you miss this one important detail, you could end up paying twice your rent in heating costs during January and February. I made sure this was a fully insulated home, but because we’re on the ocean where the wind whips the heat from the house, I’ve gone through the house with a sharp eye and plugged up any source of heat leakage to make sure I spend as little on heat as I can.Read the rest...

Home Energy Costs - Seal It to Save It

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A typical family in the U.S. spends more than $1,900 a year on their home utility bills. A large chunk of this money goes to wasted energy when heating or cooling your home. Happily, it's easy to save money on wasted energy. By sealing up your home, you keep more of that heating or cooling energy inside where it belongs so your air conditioner or heater doesn't need to run as much.Read the rest...

Solar Panel Savings for Your Home

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Families often find that they spend most of their money o household bills, with little left over for savings. One way to save your family money and help the environment at the same time is using solar energy. Today's solar energy panels are much more efficient than the ones available just a couple of decades ago. They have also gotten smaller, which means you can get more energy without sacrificing your entire yard or roof. The initial investment in solar energy can be expensive, but generating your own power will pay for itself in a matter of months.Read the rest...

7 Little Known Ways to Save on Utility Bills

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Utility bills can quickly add up over time. Any single action may not have a huge effect on the overall cost, but as the year wears on, a person can easily lose a lot of money to the electric, water or gas company. Not only are utilities expensive, they also eat up valuable natural resources. Here are a few tips to conserving energy to live a greener and more affordable lifestyle:Read the rest...

Seven Simple Tricks for Saving Energy and Money

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One of the nice things about being kind to Mother Earth is that our kindnesses usually save us money. Even though the concept of going green is catching on, some energy-saving tips remain overlooked by many of us. These tips may seem simple, but the energy we can save by following will really add up over time.

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Save Money by Saving Mother Earth

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In recent years, there has been a huge interest in simple living, green lifestyles and frugality. It makes sense: inexpensive lifestyles are often the best for the environment as well. Our nation's combined economic crisis and growing concern about resources have created a culture of environmental awareness and a growing interest in saving money. If you're looking for more ways to save money and take care of the environment at the same time, here are a few suggestions.

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Install a timer on electric water heaters and save money

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If you have an electric water heater, the U.S Department of Energy estimates that you can save 5-12 percent of your energy costs by installing a timer that turns it off when you aren't using hot water.  At night, or while you're at work, and during your utility's peak demand times, you don't really need it running...Read the rest...

Can Installing a Garbage Disposal in your Kitchen Sink Save Money?

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When people think of home improvements that can save money, installing a garbage disposal may be the one of the last things to cross their minds. For those who pay a fee for every bag taken to the curb, it can be a great way to save money. Saving on the cost of trash bags and trashcans can also put a little extra money in your pocket. Garbage disposals have environmental benefits by reducing the amount of trash sent to landfills. Installing a garbage disposal is a great idea, but there are some things to consider before making the decision to shop for one.Read the rest...