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Debt Reduction Tips

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Are your debts piling up and making life miserable?  We've got you covered with 100+ well-written articles that help you identify if you've got a debt ratio that's too high, painless ways to reduce debt, and sound advice on dealing with bill collectors.  We can even help you find low-cost, non-profit credit counseling...don't call those expensive debt relief companies.

5 Steps to Recovering from Holiday Debt

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It’s just too easy to overspend in December. Recover from the money hangover faster with these tips.

When Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals hit, the spending spree starts for millions of consumers. If you get caught up in the madness, you can easily max out your credit cards and blow most of your paychecks buying gifts that will bring nothing but regret when you settle into the new year. When the credit card bills find their way to your home, you will need to take the following steps in order to recover from the fun of shopping.Read the rest...

Don't Be Misled by Student Loan Debt Relief Programs

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student loan debt relief

Students targeted by unscrupulous student loan debt relief firms

Millions of people are burdened by student debt. Maybe you took out too much while attending college, thinking your future high-paying job would easily pay it off. Perhaps you underestimated how high interest rates can add up year after year. Whatever your situation, you're likely stressed about paying off your student loans. So it sounds pretty good when debt relief companies offer to lift that burden, no strings attached. Before walking down that path, beware of the dangers associated with student loan debt relief programs.Read the rest...

World's Largest Debt Collector Gets Its Due: Just Deserts

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debt collection rightsKnow your rights when it comes to debt collection so this can’t happen again.

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent action against aggressive debt collectors is sure to rattle some cages! Their record-breaking fine leveled at one of the country’s largest debt collection agencies has the industry on their toes! The shady practices embraced by agents at Expert Global Solutions were far from professional, urging the Federal Trade Commission to take legal action. This landmark case may offer millions of Americans a little relief from the bullying behavior of future collectors.Read the rest...

Recovering Economy, Back Sliding Savers – Don’t Be One of Them!

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savings and debtAs the economy recovers, Americans seem to be letting down their financial guard.

The past few months have shown positive financial trends in America. Employment rates have begun a slow, steady climb. Many of the unemployed started their own businesses to earn a steady income instead of waiting around for a job to open up. On a whole, the value of homes has increased. Properties are now moving, pushing interest rates up. Sales have improved for most retail sectors, and the real estate market is beginning to show signs of life again. And there, my friend, lies the danger…Read the rest...

How College Students Can Save More Money this Summer

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Explore summer job opportunities to save money and keep your debts down.

Summer is finally here and with classes over the sunny days and endless nights beckons! Nothing feels better than letting down your hair and kicking back to make the most of the summer break. But all isn’t as peachy as it seems. Life as a college student is financially difficult, and when juggling assignments and work commitments each semester, staying ahead of student loans is almost impossible. The money you earn and save over the summer is vital to keeping your finances under control.Read the rest...

What You Need to Know about “Pay as You Earn” Student Loans

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“Pay as You Earn” takes the risk out of college loans. It is the brainchild of President Obama, allowing low and average-income students to pay for their education without risk of owing more than they can afford to repay. It also relieves recent graduates from an impossible situation, finding themselves with loans to repay before they can even secure an income. The program allows students to repay their loans at a rate they can afford. If they cannot find a job, they pay nothing until they do. The federal government pays the interest up front for up to three years.Read the rest...

6 Money Tips to Start 2013 on Strong Financial Footing

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new year money tipsThe holiday season usually triggers a flurry of activity. Most of us spend a lot of time preparing the home for the coming festivities, all to make these hectic few weeks flow more seamlessly. By the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, a New Year’s resolution is the last obligation we face after a long list of chores and responsibilities. Regardless of whether you believe in such decrees or not, the New Year is the perfect time to put your finances in order. Why not focus on improving the health of your financial situation.Read the rest...

8 Money Myths Debunked

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There are many myths about money. While many of them have basis in fact, none of them are going to solve your financial woes by themselves. Sometimes following them can make things worse. When taking money advice, be careful to take what works for you and leave the rest. Only you can decide what fits with your financial plan. Here are eight 'rules' that are not always right:Read the rest...

Rethinking Disposable Income

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Have you ever created a monthly budget for your household that broke down your income and expenses into very specific categories? Don't worry, most people haven't. The normal household budget includes income, essential bills, food and gas and that is it. After all of those things are calculated, you come up with a number that is left over and call that your disposable income. In other words, that's the money you can use for entertainment, vacations or even redecorating a room in your home.Read the rest...

You Can Achieve the American Dream with a Financial Plan

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These are times of economic uncertainty. Foreclosures are much higher than usual. Many people who are paying their mortgage are "under water" and owe more than their houses are worth. Unemployment remains at levels that are almost unheard of in post-World War II United States. These rates have remained higher than usual for nearly four years. Millions are Americans are nearly drowning in debt and have little hope of paying it off. Many people are beginning to question the validity or even the possibility of achieving the American Dream. Has this goal disappeared for current citizens?Read the rest...