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Credit Card Tips

Transfer your balance to a lower interest credit card, keep card interest rates low, etc...

Need help keeping your credit card costs down? We've got over 60 tips here that cover everything from prepaid debit cards, to the best reward credit cards, to the latest in government crackdowns on predatory behaviour by the card issuers.  Read on and find out how you can use revolving credit the right way, and not get yourself stuck in a mountain of debt.

Watch Out for this Scam - Small Charges a Big Scam

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Scammers try to fly under your radar by charging small amounts on your credit card.

When logging on to your credit card account, have you noticed any peculiar charges that you can't remember making? The Better Business Bureau recently released a nationwide notification about potential fraudulent activity on credit card accounts across the country. Make sure to review your bill carefully, because the charges are minimal.Read the rest...

Protect Yourself from Data Theft

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Don’t be a target for data thieves (sorry, I had too!)

With the news media reporting the far-reaching damage caused by the data theft of information regarding Target customers before Christmas, many consumers are asking how they can protect themselves from thieves who may be using the data they obtained illegally. There are steps that can be taken that can protect consumers from losses related to any type of data breach, and many of them are very simple to accomplish.Read the rest...

Identify Theft Happens and Everyone Is a Target

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identity theftEveryone fits into at least one of the identity theft high-risk groups.

When reading about cases of identity theft in the news or online, it can be easy to forget everyone is a target and that cases of identity theft continue to increase worldwide. With the advent of newer technologies and more private information being stored in online mediums, identity thieves are continuing to become more sophisticated in the methods they use to entrap consumers. Some individuals are more at risk because of their type of online activity according. Unfortunately, most people fit into at least one of those high-risk groups.Read the rest...

How Leverage Credit Card Programs for Maximum Rewards

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Get more out of your credit card reward programs!

Most credit cards offer some sort of rewards program these days. For the frugal shopper, it’s a treat to cash in those points towards for items that would normally come right out of your household budget. It’s even better when you find extra rewards and benefits you didn’t know where there. Use these tips and tricks to do just that!Read the rest...

The 8 Worst Things You Can Do When Money is Tight

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money tactics, tight ropeWhen money is tight, these tactics only make it tighter.

We all make money mistakes, but some of us make it worse by using the wrong tactic to tackle a financial problem. Many of the financing options available exist simply to prey on those who are too desperate or uneducated to find a better way. If you have fallen on hard financial times and are thinking about any of these strategies to manage your finances, don’t. Read the rest...

Citi Simplicity Card - Could It Really Be that Awesome?

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No late fees or penalties sounds too good to be true...Is it?

In the wake of customer outrage against banks charging excessive fees, Citibank introduced its Citi Simplicity Card in 2011. The card aims to simplify your life by removing the fine print and associated fees that have long plagued credit card users. This is a quick review to help you decide whether this card makes sense for you.Read the rest...

5 Steps to Eliminating Credit Card Debt

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Credit card debt got you down? There is a way out!

It happens to us all. We let a little bit of debt sit on our credit cards to get through a tough spot and before we know it, we’re up to our ears in credit card debt. Chances are, you’re not going to win the lottery or inherit a boatload of money from the Uncle Harry you never knew you had. But with a smart plan, you can get out of debt instead of struggling under its heavy weight.Read the rest...

Do's and Don'ts of Consolidating Credit Cards to Save Money

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Consolidating can save you money, but make sure the pitfalls don't damage your credit.

One of the main reasons why many people consider consolidating their credit card debt is to cut their high interest payments, thus lowering their overall monthly payments as well. If you have multiple credit cards and store cards, you can consolidate all the balances into one monthly payment. However, it is important to keep in mind that consolidating your credit card debt will not lower the balances on the credit card; it will simply shift the balances and help you pay off your debt faster.Read the rest...

6 Best and Worst Gas Rebate Cards for Commuters

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If you fill up at the pump often, choosing the right gas rebate card saves a bundle.

For people who spend a lot of time on the road, whether it is for work or pleasure, the rising cost of fuel is crippling. Using a gas rebate card is one way to save a lot of money. But not all fuel programs are as wonderful as they claim. Here are six of the worst and best gas rebate cards on offer for commuters:Read the rest...

Save Money on Credit Card Debt with These Tips

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credit card money tipsDoes worry about your credit card debt keep you up at night? Do you pay only the minimum on your credit cards every month, if that? You are not alone. Credit card debt is quickly becoming a widespread pandemic in the United States. According to current statistics, the average household’s credit card debt is $15,799, the average balance on an open card is $1,157, and the total credit card debt in the United States is $793.1 Billion. With this gloomy news, what are your options for reducing credit card debt?Read the rest...