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Banking tips

Save on bank fees, compare saving account rates...

50+ helpful tips to help you save money at the bank.  Covers saving accounts, investments, atm's and other bank related issues.  With banks changing the rules all the time, it pays to keep up with the latest tips that will help keep them from nickle and diming you into the poor house.

Protect Yourself from Data Theft

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Don’t be a target for data thieves (sorry, I had too!)

With the news media reporting the far-reaching damage caused by the data theft of information regarding Target customers before Christmas, many consumers are asking how they can protect themselves from thieves who may be using the data they obtained illegally. There are steps that can be taken that can protect consumers from losses related to any type of data breach, and many of them are very simple to accomplish.Read the rest...

Why I'm Glad I Stayed when CapitalOne Bought INGDirect

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capitalone360 vs ingdirectCapitalOne360 still has the look and feel of the bank we knew and loved.

I have to admit, when I wrote about CapitalOne acquiring INGDirect last January, I was seriously thinking about jumping ship. But, I decided to wait it out and see what changes the new ownership brought. I don’t really miss the big orange ball and I have to say CapitalOne360 has brought some new tools to the table that have made me happy, and I have seen very little difference in the customer service provided. I’m glad I stayed and here’s why:Read the rest...

Manilla: An Easier, Totally Free Way to Track Your Spending

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manilla bill trackingTrack your bills for free and get $5 for referring a friend.

How often have you forgotten to pay a bill, and when you finally get around to catching up on all those late notices, your bank account’s empty until the next payday? A new service wants to help you avoid that mess. It’s based on the envelope accounting system, thus the catchy, albeit creatively spelled name. Here’s what you need to know to find out if Manilla is a good tool for you.Read the rest...

Time to Stop Looking for ATMs and Start Hunting for ITMs

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Video Teller ATM, ITMFull serving banking at any hour through ITMs(Interactive Teller Machines)

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) have been a standard piece of equipment used in our everyday financial transactions for years. This computerized money-dispensing technology has made accessing personal accounts convenient at any time of the day or night. Strategically placed around shopping centers and food outlets, these clever inventions revolutionized personal banking, forcing financial institutions to reconsider how they operated.Read the rest...

5 Steps to Dodging the Dreaded Overdraft Fee

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Your money is your responsibility! Overdraft fees are 100% avoidable. 

A recent study by Moebs Services found that in 2012, bank and credit union customers spent $32 billion on overdraft fees, and trends suggest that the number is rising in 2013. Now if you talk to 100 people about why they get overdraft fees, and you'll get 100 different answers… and probably 99% of those answers will be total baloney. So what's your story? Why do your purchases and payments bounce? If your first reaction is to point fingers and blame your bank, your employer, your spouse or anybody else, then you have some growing up to do.Read the rest...

Where to Order the Cheapest Checks Online

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Save money by ordering bare bones checks online.

I just hate to spending money just so I can well… spend more money. I pay as much as I can online to cut down on using checks, but a few small and rare expenses can’t be paid by credit card or online. Sooner or later, you run out of checks and have to spend money to buy more. So, you’re forced to shell out cash just to pay bill, you want to keep that cost to a minimum. I have found that ordering checks online is the cheapest way, but with so many check sellers out there, I thought the rest of you might like a little guidance in getting the cheapest checks possible.Read the rest...

7 Money Tips for Avoiding ATM Fees

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Find ways to get fee-free access to your money with these tips on avoiding ATM fees.

When it comes to reducing the fees you pay to your bank, ATM fees are among the most logical and research-intense. After all, ATM fees are rising, but banks are no longer required to post the ATM fee on the outside of their ATM. The bill eliminating the external fee notification passed in 2012. You will have to read the fine print on-screen to find out what the bank will charge you for using their machine. Reducing ATM fees is not as straightforward as avoiding overdraft fees. You need to have a strategy.Read the rest...

Is Your Personal Information Really Safe?

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identity theftIf It Can Happen to Michelle Obama, It Can Happen to Any of Us

Each year sees more of our daily commerce being conducted online. We can buy and sell items, move money around from one account to another, check our credit card balance, even pay our bills. With so much of our personal financial information living in the clouds, there is no wonder that the latest incident of cyber-hacking to flood the media has many of us concerned. Only a week ago, nearly a dozen A-list celebrities and political luminaries allegedly had their most private financial information hacked, and then posted online for the entire world to see.Read the rest...

How to Sock Away an Extra $5,000 This Year

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While the economy is slowly improving, the increase in Social Security withholding has consumers continuing to look for ways to save money. Using these five strategies, you can put another $5,000 into your pocket. This is a good jumping point to start thinking about other ways shaving a little off a few expenses can add up to big savings over the course of a year.Read the rest...

Capital One Acquires It’s Polar Opposite: ING Direct

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ing capital oneIn these volatile economic times, it is no longer surprising to discover that a bank you have been happily doing business with for a number of years suddenly has a new owner and name. Most customers take these changes in stride, resigned that there is very little they can do about it. However, angry ING Direct USA’s account holders did not go quietly into the night upon learning that Capital One had bought out their low-fee, customer-friendly online bank.Read the rest...